First 2-in-1 Driver Alert System to Combine Accurate Radar Detection with High-Definition Dash Cam to Keep Drivers Informed Behind the Wheel

CHICAGO – June 12, 2019 – Cobra Electronics, the leading designer and marketer of award-winning automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, today announced the release of the new Cobra Elite Series: Road Scout and DualPro 360°, the latest in intelligent driver information systems. The first of its kind, the Cobra Road Scout Elite offers an innovative 2-in-1 solution to keep drivers in the know: a highly accurate, long-range radar detection system and a high-definition dash cam in a single unit. The product’s compact design easily blends with a vehicle’s interior for a streamlined and simple installation. Both Cobra Elite Series systems allow drivers to receive instant notifications on speed enforcement locations, GPS-based locations of red-light cameras and speed cameras, as well as real-time awareness alerts on road conditions and events from the exclusive iRadar connected driving community.

“The new connected Cobra Elite Series delivers the ultimate driver awareness experience. When connected to the iRadar app, drivers receive real-time alerts within the Cobra/ESCORT driving community so that they know what to expect on the road ahead,” said Gail Babitt, CEO. “Backed by best-in-class radar technology and designed with the user in mind, the new Road Scout is engineered to offer today’s drivers the highest performance solution available for smarter, informed driving.”

Cobra Road Scout Elite

The 2-in-1 Cobra Road Scout Elite includes a high-definition dash cam and highly accurate radar and laser detection system. The Cobra Road Scout contains sensors to detect live radar-based speed enforcement locations, while also alerting drivers of upcoming red light and speed cameras utilizing the Cobra and ESCORT Defender Database. In addition, the Cobra Road Scout is a connected radar, which means it can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot for automatic in-vehicle software and GPS database updates.

The integrated dash cam lets drivers record their trip with crystal-clear, editable video that automatically embeds the location, date and time. The dash cam can help drivers tell their side of the story for insurance claims or incidents, allow parents of teen drivers to see footage of their teen’s driving behaviors, or just record the road ahead for fun. The new Cobra Road Scout’s design complements any dashboard – car, truck or SUV – and can be easily installed by the driver. Its incorporated Wi-Fi transmitter also allows the user to view, edit and share videos from their smartphone.

Key features of the Cobra Road Scout Elite:

Radar Detector
  • Maximum False Alert Filtering for improved Accuracy: filters out radar frequencies from new vehicles’ Collision Avoidance Systems and other ADAS systems as well as patented AutoLearn® technology to self-correct from sensors that create false alerts
  • GPS-based filtering prevents false alerts and improves location accuracy to provide drivers with timely, up-to-date conditions
  • Defender Database alerts drivers in advance to red light and speed camera locations
  • Superior range, response time & accuracy, powered by high tech sensors and advanced DSP technology
  • Connected car Wi-Fi compatible for live, in-car software and Defender Database updates
  • Wirelessly connects to the Cobra iRadar app for community-based alerts and speed limits
Dash Camera
  • Full HD 1080p video, optimized for day or night recording
  • Drive HD app enables drivers the ability to view, edit and share videos directly from their smartphones via the Road Scouts embedded Wi-Fi
  • Internal GPS records speed and location information on all video files
  • Continuous loop recording
  • Automatic video saving upon impact with a 16 GB Micro SD card
Cobra DualPro 360°

Engineered in the U.S., the new Cobra DualPro 360° is a true connected 360° radar and laser detector that alerts drivers of traffic enforcement on their journey, including red light cameras, speed cameras, radar-based live speed enforcement locations and other road threats. Exclusive In-Vehicle Technology™ (IVT) filter (recognition of false alerts resulting from other vehicles radar-based ADAS systems), patented AutoLearn® technology, and GPS-based filtering prevent false alerts and improves location accuracy to provide drivers with timely, up-to-date conditions.

Key features of the Cobra DualPro 360°:
  • Front and rear advanced sensors
  • 360° directional alert arrows
  • Boston » New York » San Francisco » PROI Worldwide Partner | 360° | All in.
  • Updatable Defender GPS database  Updatable IVT Filter and Advanced DSP to reduce false alerts and improve accuracy
  • Customizable high-resolution multi-color graphic display
  • Wirelessly connects to the iRadar app for community-based alerts and speed limits
The Cobra DualPro 360° and Cobra Road Scout Elite allow drivers to automatically report and access road hazards and activity through the next generation iRadar app, which generates 100 million sensor-based alerts annually, to build the dynamic road conditions database that is accessible to all iRadar-enabled products from Cobra.

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The New Cobra iRadar App will be available in June as a free update for all users from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Users who register the app with their Cobra iRadar compatible devices including The Cobra Elite Series detection products, Cobra Dash Cameras, and CB Radios will receive all levels of alert information for free. Users who download the app without a Cobra device can receive the full power of the community, data and alerts, for a monthly fee.