Radar/Laser Detectors

Radar/Laser Detectors

Cobra’s radar and laser detectors come with a variety of features that will help you stay safe and alert on the road. They detect all radar signals including X, K, and Ka bands, plus laser and VG-2 signals. With ‘instant-on’ detection, it recognizes radar guns quickly. They can also detect laser signals from both the front and the rear.

Advanced technology helps to reduce false alerts including blind spot systems and traffic flow monitoring devices, so you aren’t distracted by what you don’t want to hear. The displays are always easy to read, include intuitive icons, and are visible in any light. The unique tones make signal strength level notifications audible and provide both signal strength and band identification.

There are Cobra radar detector models available that provide all of these great features at a lower price point, giving you a great entry-level option into the world of detector equipment. There are also Cobra laser detector models that offer highly sought-after advanced features.

Some of these advanced features include:

  • Integrated GPS receivers with AURA database knowledge that notify you of red light and speed camera locations
  • VoiceAlert allows you to change the language from English to Spanish so you can keep your eyes on the road
  • QuietDrive eliminates unnecessary signals and false alerts
  • Adjustable sensitivity lets you customize the sensitivity of your detector to further prevent false alerts
  • Bright OLED graphical displays
  • Dim mode enhances night visibility by dimming the display

Cobra radar detectors come with a variety of basic and advanced features at all price points so you can find the equipment that suits you, your lifestyle, and your budget.