Take Detection to the Cloud with Cobra iRadar


iRadar is a community of drivers helping you answer one simple question… Should I hit the breaks or keep going? Use iRadar on your road trip or daily commute to always know what driving threats lie ahead. Receive early warnings for red light and speed cameras, speed trap and police activity, and road hazard alerts. Our combination of verified camera locations, user-reported threat locations, and automatic radar and laser detection threat sharing lets you always stay a step ahead.


"Cobra has hit this one out of the park! If you are in the market and own an iPhone, this is the route you want to go."

"This detector iPhone combo has saved me from four tickets at least. Was able to brake and correct to speed well before the radar area."

"The map alerts you to upcoming threats, speed traps, etc! The concept works amazing! If you drive a lot, this is a no brainer!"

"The seamless use of the Cobra iRad Detector and iPhone is a match made in heaven!"

"I highly recommend the app and product - if everybody had an iRadar, speed traps would become a thing of the past!"


iRadar app connects you with millions of users on the road reporting Live police, red light cameras, speed cameras, and caution areas. Get accurate and timely notification of upcoming threats.

Know where the cameras are – Most accurate verified database of speed and red light cameras. Our stable of products (including radar/laser detectors, dash cams and CB radios) connect to our community of over 3 million drivers and are constantly sharing alerts with each other and in real-time. This technology is a true game changer that effectively gives Cobra products limitless range.

Everything is better when we work together. -- When you approach an area where another user has recently detected a signal we use GPS to give you plenty of advanced warning. If you see enforcement activity that your detector isn’t sensing, no problem. Just use the app to mark “Live Police” and the next person who drives by will know to slow down. On top of that, iRadar adds alerts from the AURA Database, our premier verified database of speed and red-light camera locations.

There is strength in numbers, and iRadar has over 3 Million Users on the road today. We have full nationwide coverage of users reporting and sharing in real-time.


Get Directions – iRadar has everything you need to get where you want to go. The Get Directions feature provides a route line so that you don’t have to leave the app for navigation. Live traffic overlays let you find the fastest route to your destination.

Remember Where you Parked – Have you ever come out to a big parking lot and wondered where in the world you parked? iRadar has your back. Every time you leave your vehicle the app automatically saves the location where it was last connected to an iRadar compatible device.

Connected Products Control Your Device – It’s all about the ecosystem. We offer iRadar compatible radar detectors, dash cams, and CBs.


Control Your Device – It’s all about the ecosystem. We offer iRadar compatible radar detectors, dash cams, and CBs.

Radar Detectors – Radar detectors allow you to drive safely and avoid costly tickets by detecting signals emitted from speed enforcement equipment. But what if you could detect radar/laser signals far beyond the detection area of a traditional detector? What if your detector talked to other detectors or, better yet, other products to pinpoint the location of enforcement all across the world? Cobra has made this a reality with iRadar®. Advanced warnings keep you more protected than ever on the road.

Dash Cams – Traditional dash cams let you tell your side of the story in the case of an accident or incident while driving. What if you could get a warning about high incident intersections or areas where people drive erratically and are regulated by law enforcement? Cobra’s iRadar enabled DASH Series cameras warn you of caution areas, speed and red light cameras and live speed trap locations. In fact, these alerts are shared by over 3.5 million drivers today and generate over 8 million verified alerts a month. Plus, with the Cobra iRadar app, you can track your location and speed on your dash cam video to show you were in the right in case of any incident or accident.

CB Radios – What if you could get real-time live police locations and stay legal at the same time? With Cobra’s iRadar enabled Smart CB Radios, you can do just that. Get speed trap warning, live police locations, road hazards and more all through your connected CB radio and navigate the highways and cities nationwide worry-free and without any unintended stops.