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Premium Detection Range & Advanced Accuracy

With advanced radar sensitivity, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and intelligent software to automatically sift through thousands of radar signals, Cobra radar detectors deliver premium detection range, rapid warnings, and reduced false alerts from blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control systems.

Every Alert At Your Fingertips

Using the Drive Smarter® companion app and an Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™-compatible Cobra radar detector enhances safety by providing access to real-time information such as radar, laser, red light, and speed camera locations, along with community alerts and trip planning right on your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto display screen. Easily view, verify, and share important alerts from other connected detectors and drivers right from your fingertips.

Long-Range Detection with Shared Alerts

The Cobra RAD 480i is our most popular radar detector for a reason. With long-range detection and Bluetooth® connectivity to the Drive Smarter app, the RAD 480i provides improved driving awareness with radar and laser alerts as well as shared alerts from the community and red light and speed camera location alerts. You'll drive with increased peace of mind with the information you need to drive smarter.

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