Cobra Dash Cam Technology

Cobra dash cams include lane departure and forward collision warnings that let you know if you’re drifting or quickly approaching an object in front of you. Our advanced driver alert system keeps you alert for the drivers who are not.

All-Climate Capable

Supercapacitor technology allows Cobra dash cams to withstand the extreme temperatures in your vehicle. Our dash-cams are rigorously tested in the most frigid cold and intense heat.

Automatic Collision Detection

G-sensor detection automatically recognizes impact and saves surrounding footage so you can always have video evidence of what happened.

Advanced Driver Awareness

Cobra dash cams include Wi-Fi capabilities, app support, advanced alerts, and a community of drivers behind you.

Stay Connected

iRadar® App
Share and receive real-time alerts from the Cobra driving community. Millions of user-base traffic avoidance exchanges. Increased awareness and ultimate road coverage.

Drive HD App
Control your compatible Cobra dash cam right from your smartphone. Record, download, share, and view live video.