Accessories - CB Radio

Accessories - CB Radio

CB radios offer you a convenient communication tool on the road. With many different varieties on the market, you can select the features that work for you, making your communication experience more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Adding accessories to your CB radio can help with you build a system that works for your specific needs. Cobra offers accessories for your handheld CB radio as well as other types of CB radios and scanners. Things like chargers, headsets, mounts, and microphones can enhance your equipment and make it easier to use.

Replacement parts are also available for purchase. If you find that a cord, microphone, or another piece of your CB radio has broken, you can buy a replacement part from Cobra at an affordable cost instead of replacing your entire CB radio unit.

External speakers with noise filters give you a great combination of exceptional power handling, rugged construction for durability, unsurpassed sound, and sleek design. You can receive clear audio in the 4-inch speaker, and talk-back control lets you monitor your own voice transmissions.

Magnetic antennas extend your range and give you higher performance. Cobra offers antennas that attach to your roof or trunk easily and provide weather channel reception with a heavy-duty braided coaxial cable and black stainless-steel whip and hardware. You can easily transfer it from vehicle to vehicle if needed.

With these types of extras, add-ons, and accessories, you can conveniently and affordably outfit your car, truck, or big rig with the tools you need to get the most out of your CB radio.