Accessories - Power

Accessories - Power

Cobra already knows that your dash cam, radar detector, and CB radio are an essential part of your driving experience. However, we also realize that you like to charge, use, or enjoy other devices while driving, too. With a wide range of power accessories, you can keep your vehicle and your accessories charged up and ready for the road.

Cobra offers replacement jumper cables at an affordable cost, so you don’t get stranded on the road. You can also use them to lend a helping hand to the struggling motorist who has broken down on the side of the highway.

Instead of jumper cables, a Cobra JumPack will ensure you always have a way to jump your own vehicle, even if no one is around to help you. An extra Cobra JumPack 12-volt charger or A/C wall charger will ensure your JumPack is charged up for the next time you need to use it. And if your JumPack cables need to be replaced, Cobra has you covered there, too.

Sometimes you don’t want your devices to power off when you turn off the vehicle. Cobra offers cable kits with extra wires so you can hardwire your equipment to your battery and leave it on all the time. It draws just enough power to use your devices but won’t drain the battery. This ensures you can still take advantage of your dash cam or CB radio while parked.

With many other power accessories like cases and circuit breakers, you can update and backup all of the equipment you have to ensure smooth operation and high performance.