Power Where You Need It

Cobra power inverters, when combined with your vehicle battery, will keep your appliances running and devices charged, whether you’re driving, camping, tailgating, or when power outages occur. Inverters like the Cobra POWER 500W allow you to get power from your 12V vehicle accessory port or direct from your battery with the included cables.

Reliable and Safe Power Anywhere

All of our power inverters are GFCI protected and built with Pentagon Protection® to keep you safe. Get 5 levels of protection against failures—thermal shutdown, reverse polarity, over-voltage, low voltage shutdowns, and a low voltage alarm. Models like the Cobra PRO 1500W allow you to plug in up to 4 appliances.

Conveniently Charge and Power Your Devices

Equipped with a 3.0 Amp USB-A / USB-C Fast Charge ports and AC outlets, you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices while keeping outlets free for other appliances. The Cobra PRO 2500W is a professional grade power inverter that can charge your devices while also powering higher wattage appliances like power tools, TVs, blenders, refrigerators, and more.

Pure Sine Power Inverter for Medical Equipment

Ideal for powering medical devices like CPAP machines or sensitive electronics like laptops, gaming systems, and entertainment devices, the Pure Sine 400W power inverter provides a clean electrical current to ensure your gear operates properly.

Cobra Remote On/Off Controller

Your Cobra RemoteOn/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB is compatible with all Cobra PRO, PURESINE, and POWER Series power inverters. These inverters, when used with theRemote On/Off Controller, will support the Remote's Fast Charge and audiblealarm features as well as turn the inverter ON when in OFF mode.