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Due to the state mandated shut down of our business from March 24-July 8 2020, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented number of calls as customers reach out to obtain services that we were unable to offer during the closure.  This is a challenging time.  While we are doing everything in our power to help as many customers as possible, and we are in process of increasing our staff, unfortunately, there is no quick fix.  Wait times are too long, and at times, our queues are full and cannot accommodate additional callers.  We understand that this is inconvenient and frustrating, and we apologize. We ask for your patience during this unprecedented time.  If your inquiry is not urgent, we recommend waiting a while and trying back in a few weeks.


Customer Service Agents are available, and working remotely.  We can be reached at 800-543-1608, option 3. In the interest of saving you time, please make sure to choose option 3 for Customer Service help. If you choose another department, you will be instructed to call back and press 3, as other teams are not trained to assist with Customer Service issues.  We recommend that once you are in the service queue, you wait until you are helped if possible. If you hang up, you will lose your place in queue. This is the best way to get to an agent as quickly as possible.  We do have a call-back feature that you can select once you are in queue to make your wait more palatable.


Our retail stores are currently closed until further notice.


We cannot respond to emails at this time. We are very sorry. We hope to have this service available again soon.


Again, thank you for your patience.

*This update was posted on July 22, 2020