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Crystal-Clear Communication, Wherever You Roam

Stay connected and informed with Cobra's legendary professional and recreational CB radios, the trusted choice for pros and adventurers alike. Whether you navigate city streets in your delivery van, conquer trails in your Jeep, or cruise the open road in your big rig, Cobra's robust radios deliver crystal-clear communication you can count on. The all-new dual-mode AM/FM feature not only provides clearer sound, but also ensures compatibility with older AM-only models, helping to keep you connected with your crew near and far.

Cobra 29 LTD Classic with AM/FM

Now with Dual-Mode AM/FM

Cobra led the charge in the FCC's 2021 decision to add dual-mode AM/FM for use in CB radios in the United States. Now with FM capabilities, our CB radios will produce better sound quality without the need to replace your existing antenna.  In addition, our new AM/FM CB radios are backwards compatible so you can easily communicate with older AM-only CB radios.

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The #1 Choice of Professional Drivers

For over 60 years, professional drivers have trusted Cobra CB radios to keep them connected on the road. Built to last with unwavering reliability, our CBs deliver crystal-clear communication you can count on, mile after mile. Crank up the 4 watts of power across 40 channels, and experience the difference dual-mode AM/FM makes with sharper sound and less static.

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Advanced Safety Features

Drive with confidence, knowing you're prepared for anything with Cobra CB radios packed with advanced safety features. Most Cobra CB radios instantly receive critical weather alerts from NOAA Weather Radio Receivers, keeping you informed of potential hazards, even when the radio is turned off. Navigate darkness safely with NightWatch™ illumination for clear viewing and adjustable dimmer control. Plus, respond instantly to emergencies with a single touch of dedicated Channel 9 or 19 buttons.

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The Right CB Radio for the Job

Hit the road ready with Cobra's CB radio lineup, designed for every need and adventure. Whether you crave ultimate portability with a handheld, need a ulta compact unit that fits in tight spaces, or want truck-tough communication with a full-size professional CB, Cobra has your perfect match. Explore our diverse range of professional and recreational models, from budget-friendly essentials to feature-packed powerhouses. Find the ideal fit for your vehicle and communication style, then complete your setup with high-performance antennas and mounts for crystal-clear connections.