Media Mentions

Forbes on the Cobra SC 201

"Cobra’s SC 201 smart dashcam ($180) simultaneously records and monitors a vehicle’s front and interior, in full high-definition 1080p video."

"Infrared cabin night vision adds crystal-clear footage of the car’s interior in the dark, on the 2-inch LCD screen or smartphone app."

Best Products on the Cobra RAD 480i

"The RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector by Cobra is a great gift that will hopefully also make them a more responsible driver."

"It has built-in tech to reduce distracting false alerts."

"Best of all, the Cobra RAD 480i can connect to a mobile app and deliver real-time alerts from large community drivers that use the popular brand’s products."

heavy. on the Cobra Road Scout


"All-in-one unit for both alerts and recording"

"WiFi and Bluetooth enabled"

"Companion app provides community alerts"

PC World on Cobra SC 201

“The exterior nightvideo, especially, is unsurpassed in its ability to show details in darksurroundings…”


“It’s well worth themoney for what you get…”


“The SC 201’s video isgenerally top-tier…”


“There’s a startlingamount of detail revealed in the exterior night capture…”


“Interior captures arealso first-rate, capturing plenty of detail…”

Reader's Digest on Cobra SC Dash Cams

"They’ll love the feeling of safety even when they’re hitting the road alone because this Cobra Smart Dash Camera for cars offers full HD 1080P video recording, interior camera capabilities, built-in WiFi, embedded GPS, and a 16 GB SD card that’ll make your phone jealous."

FourWheeler on the Cobra HH 50 WX ST and HH RT 50

In addition to our hand signals, the battery-powered Cobra radios made spotting trail partners through obstacles much simpler.”


Buttons on the radios were large and easy to use, even with gloved hands during winching operations, and their functions were intuitive.”


We found Cobra's HH RT 50 and HH 50 WX ST useful in that they can be tossed into a day pack and used in your 4x4, and your friend's who might not have a radio, and then unplugged and taken out on the lake for a canoe trip—something you cannot do with the CB wired into your rig's dash.


“…they're a valuable addition to any vehicle.”

AutoWeek on the Cobra Road Scout

“He said it had saved him from getting 23 tickets. 23!”


“The dash cam records in 1080p HD, and is good in almost all lighting situations, especially at night.”


“With its WiFi connectivity you can also go to the cloud for shared alerts, and to get local speed limit information.”

Forbes on the Cobra RAD 480i

"The Cobra RAD 480i is an easy to use and accurate radar detector"


"In motion, the RAD 480i delivers alerts that are clear and easily understood"


"...the 480i’s sounds aren’t as alarming or intrusive as some of the other units I’ve tested"

Stereowise Plus on Cobra Road Scout

"…rock solid performance, and ultra cool advanced functionality though the two apps, it’s worth every penny"


"Cobra has a strong reputation for high quality products, and it’s nice to see them not just sitting on their laurels."


"I love the Cobra app that you can download onto your phone, to control the video and alerts in real time"

CES Innovation Awards 2020 Honoree

Cobra Road Scout

BGR on the Cobra Road Scout

"Cobra’s Road Scout is a radar detector and dash cam in one, and I won’t drive anywhere without it"


"The Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam and Radar Detector is a fantastic new model that checks both of those boxes with a single device"

RadarBusters on Cobra DualPro 360

"The best radar detector on the market for the money, period."


"Most affordable, extreme performance dual-antenna GPS radar detector."

Sailing World on Cobra MR HH600

“This pint-sized comms device is packed with features that take it well beyond your trusty old-school handheld”


“Small, powerful, and loaded with features, the Cobra HH600 floating VHF is ideal for raceboats large and small”

AARP on Cobra RAD 480i

“boasts the latest technology to warn drivers of radar and laser trap”


“consistently warned me about police lurking on the roadside and at least once saved me from an expensive ticket”

CES Innovation Awards 2019 Honoree

Cobra JumPack Mini - CPP 8500