Cobra SC 400D

The ULTIMATE Smart Dash Cam


The SC 400D is the ultimate smart dash cam you need to make your drive smarter and safer. With real-time alerts from the Drive Smarter community, Ultra HD 4K resolution, and Alexa built-in, the SC 400D combines the best tech in an easy-to-use dash cam.

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Cobra SC 400D

4K Smart Dash Cam with Rear-View Accessory Camera


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Bundle With Cabin-View Accessory Cam


Easily add this Full HD (1080P) cabin-view accessory camera to your compatible SC series smart dash cam. Swivel-mounted design and 140° Field of View (FOV) ensures you can capture a complete view of the cabin interior. Includes Infrared Cabin Night Vision to capture crystal-clear interior footage at night. Installs in seconds, just plug into your SC 400D!

Our Community

One hundred million alerts shared and received each year from our community of Cobra drivers on the iRadar app.

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The SC 400D is the intelligent co-pilot you need to give you ultimate control of your drive. Get the ultimate protection with advanced tech and alerts from the Drive Smarter community.

1See Every Detail in 4K

With Ultra HD 4K resolution, you'll get 4x the pixel resolution vs 1080P, so you can see and capture every detail on your drive

2Alexa is Ready to Help

From playing music to navigating to finding restaurants, Alexa is ready to help answer any question or request while you're on the road

3Cover All the Angles

Record the road ahead, behind, and inside the vehicle all at the same time so you can cover all the angles and know exactly what happened

4More Than Just a Dash Cam

Get notifications of red light camera and speed camera locations, police activity, and many more alerts from the nationwide community of drivers

5The Peace of Mind You Need

Emergency Mayday Alert, Incident Reports, and Parking Mode features ensure maximum protection for you, your cargo, and your vehicle

6Intuitive User Controls

An intuitive 3" touchscreen display plus built-in voice commands provides quick and easy operation of the dash cam features and settings


Cloud Video Management

Instantly store, edit and share footage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Ensure a flawless connection to the cloud and receive automatic software updates and alerts

Drive Smarter® App

Get notified of road hazards and threats detected by the entire Drive Smarter community

Rear-View Cam Included

Capture the view behind your vehicle with the included rear-view accessory camera

Extreme Temperature Protection

Supercapacitor technology allows the SC 400D to withstand frigid cold and intense heat

32 GB (Min.) SD Card Included

A high-quality 32 GB (or higher) memory card comes preloaded with your SC 400D


SC 100

SC 100

SC 201

SC 201

SC 200

SC 200

SC 200D

SC 200D

SC 400D

SC 400D

Resolution 1080P 1080P 1600P 1600P 2160P (4K)
Views Single-View Front and Cabin-View Configurable Front and Rear-View Front and Rear-View
2" LCD 3" LCD 3" LCD 3" Touchscreen LCD
Includes SD Card 8 GB 16 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB (Minimum)
Magnetic Mount
Real-Time Alerts with Drive Smarter® App
Built-in GPS
Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Connectivity
Emergency Video
Mayday Alert
Incident Reports
Cloud Video Management
Parking Mode & Motion Sensing Security
Advanced Driver Assistance System
Enhanced Night Vision
Includes IR Interior Camera
Includes Rear-View Camera
Voice Commands
Compatible with Accessory Cameras
Alexa Built-In
3-Camera Capable
Touchscreen Controls
Made for iPhone (MFI) Certified
Polarized Lens


Drive Smarter® is not only powered by our advanced hardware and software, it's made possible by the community of drivers that share driving alerts. Driving enthusiasts, pro drivers, and commuters are all a part of our network of people who aim to drive smarter. Join our community today!


Enhance your experience with the new Drive Smarter® app. Drive Smarter allows you to view and manage all of your videos, alerts, safety and security features, and device settings, all from a single, unified app.

Download the app for either Android or iOS smartphones and connect with the Drive Smarter community to share and receive alerts from other Cobra devices and drivers.

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Included with your SC 400D Smart Dash Cam:

  • Rear-view camera and extension cable
  • 32GB (minimum) Micro SD card
  • GPS mount attachment
  • Extra adhesives
  • Vehicle charger
  • Micro USB data cable

  • If you believe you have detected a vulnerability or risk to a product or service from Cobra, or if you wish to contact us regarding a compliance matter, we want to hear from you and are committed to quickly resolving your concerns. Please contact us.

    Item # SC400D


    Unit Dimensions:
    3.41” H x 1.29” W x 2.03” D(86.5mm H x 32.7mm W x 51.5mm D)(main cam)

    Individual Box Dimensions:
    7.52” H x 5.04” W x 3.15” D (191mm H x 128mm W x 80mm D)

    Individual Box Weight:
    1.47 lbs (667 g.)


    Master Pack Qty:

    Master Pack Dimensions:
    12.99” H x 8.11” W x 5.79” D (330mm H x 206mm W x 147mm D)

    Master Pack Weight:
    6.39 lbs (2898 g.)

    UPC #:
    028377 10797 9

    Master Pack Barcode:
    1 00 28377 10797 6

    Is my camera compatible with Drive Smarter?

    Only Cobra's SC Series cameras (SC 100, SC 201, SC 200/200D, and SC 400D) are currently compatible with Drive Smarter. Drive Smarter does not support legacy Cobra dash cameras (DASH Series, CDR Series) at this time.

    Do I need to pay for Drive Smarter?

    No, Drive Smarter is a free service provided to users of our SC series cameras.

    Why am I having trouble connecting the camera in Drive Smarter?

    You may have previously established a Bluetooth connection with the camera. If this is the case, please go into your phone's OS Bluetooth menu and 'Unpair' your camera from your phone.

    How can I use the Mayday Alert feature?

    Simply enable the G-Sensor and Mayday Alert setting on your camera, and enter your Emergency Contact info into Drive Smarter. From there, Drive Smarter and the dash camera will take care of the rest. If the camera detects that you have been in a serious collision (Level 5 G-sensor event), it will automatically lock the latest recording and notify your emergency contact.

    How do I connect my camera via Wi-Fi?

    You do not need to manually establish a Wi-Fi connection to your dash cam. Drive Smarter uses Bluetooth to automatically manage connection types depending on which feature you are using within the app. If you are using a feature that requires Wi-Fi, the app will walk you through establishing a a Bluetooth connection. Note: Older Android operating systems (Android 6, 7, and 8) may prompt the user to exit the app and connect via the OS Wi-Fi menu.

    Why is Alexa not working?

    • Ensure that you have downloaded the Alexa App. You need to connect your camera to the Alexa app to enable this feature.
    • Check that the volume on your phone is turned up. The SC 400D uses its specially tuned microphones to invoke Alexa from the background of your phone and automatically reconnect when you enter your car. The phone is still the main source of audio for Alexa, enabling you to hear the replies through your car’s speakers.
    • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
    • If you see a red bar on the camera, press the Alexa mute/unmute button on the bottom of the unit next to the power button.