Cobra Electronics Unveils Its Most Advanced Smart Dash Cameras With Alexa Built-In And Real-Time Alerts For Smarter Driving

The SC 400 and SC400D will join Cobra’s existing suite of SC Series models with all-new elevated features and access to the Drive Smarter® online community for greater road safety and driver awareness 


CHICAGO – November 18, 2021 – Cobra Electronics, the leading designer and marketer of award-winning automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, today unveiled the newest addition to its existing Cobra SC Series lineup, the Cobra SC 400 and SC 400D Smart Dash Cameras. The new dash cams empower drivers to be more aware of what’s happening on their drive and come equipped with Ultra HD 4K video resolution, Alexa built-in, and are capable of recording 3 cameras (front, rear, and cabin views) simultaneously. Available for purchase in Best Buy stores and online, as well as through, the products will be one of the most advanced dash cameras on the market today. The models leverage the all-new Drive Smarter® app and driver community platform to create a smarter and safer driving experience.   




Enhanced Road Safety with Drive Smarter® Integration  


The latest Cobra innovations include integration with the new Drive Smarter app, allowing users access to a robust user community and network of connected devices generating over 100 million real-time driver alerts annuallyThe smart dash cams receive shared radar and laser alerts from other detectors, red light and speed camera location alerts, as well as shared crowdsourced alerts on road conditions. The connected driver community and sensor-based network deliver advanced warning on all traffic and law enforcement cameras, live radar and laser reports, speed limit data, and other road condition alerts to keep drivers in the know about potential road threats. Additionally, drivers can take advantage of the SC 400 and SC400D’s G-sensors to detect collisions. Drive Smarter’s automated emergency services can be configured to create cloud backups of videos, send emergency “Mayday” text and email alerts to a designated contact, or create incident notification reports that can be shared with insurance providers in case of loss. 


Crystal-Clear 4K Video for Ultimate Clarity and Accountability 


The 4K-capable SC 400 and SC 400D capture crystal-clear views outside and inside the vehicle, offering enhanced vehicle and driver security and a video-powered incident notification and alerts management platform. The cameras also include an intuitive 3” touchscreen display and advanced connectivity and location intelligence, including built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth V4.0.   


Alexa Built-In for a Smarter Drive 


The SC 400 and SC400D are equipped with acoustically tuned microphones that are designed for the road, so your Alexa voice commands can be detected over music, air conditioning and road noise. These products automatically connect and work seamlessly with a user’s smartphone each time the driver enters the vehicle, so that the vehicle’s speaker system can be leveraged. With these dash cams and Alexa, drivers can control Spotify, check the news, make calls, set reminders, find and navigate to coffee shops nearby, and more just by using their voice. 


Three-Camera Recording to Capture All the Angles 


The SC 400 allows users to add up to two accessory cameras (the SC 400D includes a rear-view accessory camera) through its advanced Flex-View feature, which allows drivers to record multiple angles for full video protection. Accessory cameras include a rear-view (interior or waterproof exterior) or an interior cabin-view camera for maximum coverage and road safety. Through the Drive Smarter app, users can also automatically create video incident claims summaries to send out to insurance companies 



“Since the launch of the new SC Series in 2020, we have seen an incredible response from drivers – both professional and those simply in need of an extra pair of eyes when driving day-to-day,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cedar Electronics. “The new Cobra SC 400 and 400D models build upon the advanced features of our dash cams with new innovation for the industry, including 4K resolution, Alexa integration, three-camera capability, and seamless connectivity for enhanced road safety and driver awareness. Integration with our new Drive Smarter app also allows drivers to stay connected and, in turn, stay as alert as possible on the road.”  

The Cobra SC 400D Dash Camera is available on Cobra’s website and at most Best Buy locations nationwide for $399.95. The Cobra SC 400 will be available in November for $349.95.  


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