Replacement Marine Radio Parts

Replacement Marine Radio Parts

If you are one of those people who love your boat as much as or even more than your car, you’ve come to the right place. Cobra has everything you need to keep your boat’s electronics in top running order. Waterproof JumPacks will jump start your gasoline or diesel engine so no matter how big your battery is, you will never be stranded. VHF radios keep you connected out on the water and can send distress signals to emergency personnel with your exact GPS location.

However, when one of those devices isn’t working correctly, or your battery suddenly dies, you need to have backup or replacement parts. In the middle of a lake or out along the ocean shore, you need to have resources at your disposal to ensure that you’re never stranded out on the water.

Backup antennas ensure your communication devices will always have reception. If your antenna stops working, you can whip out your back up, install it quickly, and get back up and running. Replacement antennas are available for various VHF/GMRS radios.

Mounting kits will secure your radio to your marine vehicle, so it is discrete and convenient. Extra charging cords are available at affordable prices, so you’ll never be without power, and they work with all marine charging cradles, also available from Cobra, so you’ll always have a safe place to set your devices while they charge.

Extra batteries for your portable walkie-talkies will keep you mobile, and the devices float, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the water. Secure your walkie talkie to your belt with a belt clip, and stock up on extra belt clips, just in case. Stock up on all of these extras and much more, so you’re always prepared.