SC 400 Full Coverage Rear View Bundle

Get complete, 3-camera coverage in front of, inside, and behind your vehicle with our award-winning SC 400 Dash Cam + 1080P Cabin-View + Rear-View accessory cameras. 

List price $399.95



SC 400 Full Coverage Rear View Bundle
List price $399.95
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Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Students through military, first responder, teacer and student discountsSee Terms

Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Students military, first responder, teacer and student discountsSee Terms

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Your Travel Guide & Your Camera Crew

Cobra SC Series dash cams are designed to protect you against life's blindspots: past, present, and future. That's why they're the only dash cams that feature both trip-planning and heads-up navigation. So you'll never have to look down at your phone while you're behind the wheel. And while an ordinary dash cam can tell you where you've been, only the SC series dash cams can show you where you're headed.

The Best Defense is a Sensor-Based Offense

We engineered our dash cams to protect you from anything that happens on the road. That's why they're the only dash cams that can display upcoming speed traps from a sensor-based network that's more accurate than the leading crowd-sourced app. Because the best way to protect you from life's blindspots is to make sure you know what lies on the road ahead.

Ensure the camera is connected to a constant power source during the update process. Failure to do so could result in your unit becoming non-functional. Your vehicles cigarette lighter socket or a household outlet work best

Using the Drive Smarter App
  • • Power up your camera by connecting to constant power source such as your vehicles CLA adapter or a household outlet.
  • • When you Connect your camera, the app will check if a newer firmware update is available on the server.
  • • Press ‘Download’ on the notification to download the latest Firmware.
  • • Follow the instructions on the Drive Smarter Mobile Application. If successful, the camera’s LED’s will begin blinking while the firmware is being installed.
  • • To check that the Firmware update was successful, you can check the ‘About’ screen in your camera’s settings menu

Using a Mac or PC For optimal performance, check periodically for software updates.

SC 400 Firmware Update v1.23

  • • Connect the Dash Cam to your computer using the included USB to Micro-USB cable.
  • • The camera will be listed in Windows Explorer/Finder.
  • • Download the update file for your model and save it to your computer. It will end with “.bin” as the file extension. Note: You do not need to double click or open this file on the computer.
  • • Copy/paste or drag the update file you downloaded .bin file into the root directory of the Camera’s SD Card.
  • • Wait for the file to transfer and then safely disconnect the Dash Cam from the computer. The Dash Cam will turn off.
  • • Plug the Micro USB cord into a reliable power source such as your home’s outlet or your vehicle’s CLA adapter. The Dash Cam will turn on and automatically boot into the Firmware Update Menu.
  • • Follow the directions on the camera display to update firmware if the unit has one. Units without displays will update automatically.
  • • You can check if your camera is up to date by checking the firmware in your camera’s ‘About’ setting submenu.



Unit Dimensions:
3.41” H x 1.29” W x 2.03” D(86.5mm H x 32.7mm W x 51.5mm D)(main cam)
Individual Box Dimensions:
7.52” H x 5.04” W x 3.15” D (191mm H x 128mm W x 80mm D)
Individual Box Weight:
1.47 lbs (667 g.)

Is my camera compatible with Drive Smarter?

Only Cobra's SC Series cameras (SC 100, SC 201, SC 200/200D, and SC 400D) are currently compatible with Drive Smarter. Drive Smarter does not support legacy Cobra dash cameras (DASH Series, CDR Series) at this time.

Do I need to pay for Drive Smarter?

No, Drive Smarter is a free service provided to users of our SC series cameras.

Why am I having trouble connecting the camera in Drive Smarter?

You may have previously established a Bluetooth connection with the camera. If this is the case, please go into your phone's OS Bluetooth menu and 'Unpair' your camera from your phone.

How can I use the Mayday Alert feature?

Simply enable the G-Sensor and Mayday Alert setting on your camera, and enter your Emergency Contact info into Drive Smarter. From there, Drive Smarter and the dash camera will take care of the rest. If the camera detects that you have been in a serious collision (Level 5 G-sensor event), it will automatically lock the latest recording and notify your emergency contact.

How do I connect my camera via Wi-Fi?

You do not need to manually establish a Wi-Fi connection to your dash cam. Drive Smarter uses Bluetooth to automatically manage connection types depending on which feature you are using within the app. If you are using a feature that requires Wi-Fi, the app will walk you through establishing a a Bluetooth connection. Note: Older Android operating systems (Android 6, 7, and 8) may prompt the user to exit the app and connect via the OS Wi-Fi menu.

Why is Alexa not working?

• Ensure that you have downloaded the Alexa App. You need to connect your camera to the Alexa app to enable this feature.
• Check that the volume on your phone is turned up. The SC 400D uses its specially tuned microphones to invoke Alexa from the background of your phone and automatically reconnect when you enter your car. The phone is still the main source of audio for Alexa, enabling you to hear the replies through your car’s speakers.
• Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
• If you see a red bar on the camera, press the Alexa mute/unmute button on the bottom of the unit next to the power button.