Cobra 25 LTD

Compact Professional CB Radio


The 25 LTD Classic is rugged professional full featured CB radio with professional-driver requested improvements. The 25 LTD Classic has taken the professional's advice and made some useful improvements. This includes the front panel microphone connector which makes in-dash installation a cinch. Cobra has also provided a nine foot microphone cord so that you keep in touch just about anywhere in the cab. 

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Enhanced By Real Drivers

We made several key improvements based on feedback from real professional drivers: tactile controls for safer use, instant channel 9, PA capability, dimmer control, switchable noise blanker, and RF gain.

Dimmer Control

Easily adjust front panel brightness.

4W Power Output

The 29 LTD CHR has 4W power output for the maximum power allowed by law for extended range communication.

40 Channels & Instant Channel 9

Get access to all 40 CB radio channels and instantly access emergency channel 9 with the touch of a button.

4-Pin Front Microphone Connector

The convenient front panel microphone connection allows for in-dash or under-dash installation.

Dynamike Boost

Adjust RF gain and Dynamike Boost for communication that’s loud and clear.

Easy to Reach

The included 9 foot microphone cable makes it easy to reach and talk.

4W Power Output

Maximum power allowed by law for extended

Instant Emergency Access

Immediate access to emergency channel 9

Front Microphone Connector

Allows convenient in-dash or under-dash installation

9Ft. Microphone Cord

Keeps microphone within easy reach anywhere in cabin

Full Coverage

Access to all 40 CB radio channels

Variable Dimmer

Adjust front panel brightness

Item # 25 LTD

Weight: 4 lbs. (1814.36g)

Height: 2.49" (6.32cm)

Width: 6.40" (16.25cm)

Depth: 8.60" (21.84cm)


4 Watts Power Output - Maximum power allowed by law for extended range of communication.

Instant Channel 9 - Immediate access to emergency channel 9.

4-Pin Front Microphone Connector - Allows convenient in dash or under dash installation.

9 Foot Microphone Cord - Keeps microphone within easy reach.

40 CB Channels - Full channel coverage.

What is CB?

Citizens Band radio (CB) is a 2-way voice communication system for personal use for the general public.  It lets you talk from your truck, car, home, business, or boat to other people who have a CB radio. Technically, a CB radio is a transceiver. It functions both as a radio transmitter (when sending messages) and a receiver (when receiving messages). Citizens Band radio was created by the FCC in 1958. There are as total of 40 channels on the CB band.  Channel 19 is unofficially regarded as a general-purpose channel to make contacts and listen to conversations and reports of traffic and road conditions.  Channel 9 is reserved for emergency communications.

Do I need a license to operate a CB?

No license is required.  The FCC used to issue licenses for CBs, but they discontinued that requirement many years ago.

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