Cobra 25 LTD

Compact Clarity for the Open Road


The Cobra 25 LTD Classic Compact CB radio offers a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and ease of use, making it a popular choice for professional drivers needing a dependable communication solution. Now featuring dual-mode AM/FM functionality for crisp, clear communication and minimal background noise. Enjoy 4 watts of power for extended range and access to all 40 CB channels to keep you connected while on the road.

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Cobra 25 LTD

Compact Professional CB Radio with AM/FM

List price $129.95
The 25 LTD CB radio offers new dual-mode AM/FM for enhancing communication clarity and delivering superior sound quality. As Cobra's most compact Professional CB, the Classic maintains the exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly controls as the 29 LTD. Equipped with advanced features such as Noise Blanker, Automatic Noise Limiter, and Dynamike for voice amplification, along with dimmer control, the 25 LTD Classic ensures an unparalleled communication experience.
The 25 LTD CB radio offers new dual-mode AM/FM for enhancing communication clarity and delivering superior sound quality. As Cobra's most compact Professional CB, the Classic maintains the exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly controls as the 29 LTD. Equipped with advanced features such as Noise Blanker, Automatic Noise Limiter, and Dynamike for voice amplification, along with dimmer control, the 25 LTD Classic ensures an unparalleled communication experience.
Cobra 25 LTD
List price $129.95
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Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Students military, first responder, teacer and student discountsSee Terms

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Cobra CB radios are known for their performance, reliability, and durability and will provide you with years of reliable service. Now, thanks to Cobra's leadership to enable FM mode usage with CBs used in the United States and Canada, you can enjoy dual-mode AM/FM functionality in your CB.


Cobra's smallest Professional CB radio delivers 4 Watts of power and access to all 40 CB channels


Access AM and FM channels to communicate with more users and with better sound quality


Ergonomic design with intuitive controls make this CB radio easy to use and operate


Easily adjust the microphone sensitivity level for transmitting audio so communication is loud and clear


Make crystal-clear voice announcements using the public address feature


Easily adjust the front panel brightness to a comfortable level for your eyes

Cobra 25 LTD Convenient Installation feature icon


The compact design and convenient 4-pin front microphone connector allows for easy installation

Cobra 25 LTD Easy Reach feature icon


Enjoy extended flexibility with the included 9-foot microphone cable for increased reach and maneuverability

Cobra 25 LTD Easy Reach feature icon


Includes CB radio mounting bracket and microphone hanger hardware for simple and secure installation right out of the box

Clear & Reliable Communication

Cobra's best-in-class reputation for CB radios has stood the test of time - our professional and recreational CBs deliver clear and reliable communication for all types of drivers. Discover what makes our CB radios the most advanced and dependable.

Compare AM vs FM

For decades, AM communication has been the standard for CB radios in the US. Now with dual-mode AM/FM on Cobra CB radios, you have your choice of what mode to use. FM generally has clearer sound with less background noise because FM prefers a stronger signal. See how AM and FM compare in the video.

AM vs FM video thumbnail

Works With Your Existing Antennas

All Cobra CB radios with dual-mode AM/FM are compatible with your existing antenna setup, so there's no need to replace your antenna. Plus, our dual-mode AM/FM models can continue to communicate with AM-only CB radios on the AM band.


  • 25 LTD CB Radio
  • Mounting Bracket & Hardware
  • Microphone with 9' Cord
  • Microphone Hanger & Hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
Cobra 25 LTD AM/FM CB Radio box contains radio, handheld, power cable, and mounting bracket with screws

Item # CCBP25LT01

Weight: 2.81 LBS

Height: 2.19"

Width: 6.69"

Depth: 9.98"


4 Watts Power Output - Maximum power allowed by law for extended range of communication.

4 Pin Front Microphone Connector - Allows convenient installation.

9 Foot Microphone Cord - Keeps microphone within easy reach.

40 CB Channels - Full channel coverage.

Can I use FM mode on CB radio?

Yes, you can now use FM mode on CB radios in the U.S. and Canada.

Why are people excited about FM capabilities for CB radios?

Historically, one major limitation of CB radios has been the number of channels (or frequencies). Traditional CB radios only operate on 40 channels and in the following modes:

FM (Frequency Modulation) mode offers much better sound quality when communicating via radio and improves the CB experience by leaps and bounds. This is the biggest change to CB radio technology since its expansion from 23 to 40 channels in 1977.

FM mode is the best of all worlds when it comes to CB radio. The equipment is affordable, compatible with existing CB setups, and offers the best available sound quality due to the "capture effect," meaning that one strong signal is selected, and other signals are suppressed.

How did FM mode finally get approved for CB radio in the U.S.?

While FM mode is new to CB users in the U.S., it isn’t new to radio. AM/FM capable CB radios have been legal in Europe and several countries in other parts of the world for years, where FM is now the main mode of communication due to its superior sound quality.

Adding FM mode to CB radio in the U.S. was approved by the FCC thanks to the efforts of Cobra Electronics and our customers. We petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for a rule change to FCC Part 95 in 2016 and asked our customer base for feedback on their interest in using FM mode. We gathered input from many sources – including online CB radio forums, off-road vehicle clubs, distributors, and more – and the result was a resounding yes! With wide acceptance for allowing FM frequencies on CB radios by our customers, the FCC finally approved the change in September of 2021.

What’s the difference between AM and FM mode? Is it just like my car stereo?

Not exactly. In a car stereo, the AM stations occupy a completely different band (a specific range of frequencies in the radio frequency spectrum) than the FM stations. For a car stereo system, the FM band is located at a much higher frequency than the AM band, which contributes to improved sound quality. Radio frequencies are organized as follows:

  • FM frequencies range from 88.00 – 108.0MHz. This band is divided into 100 channels each, with individual stations accessed in 200kHz (or 0.2 MHz) steps. FM stations all end in .1, .3, .5, .7, or .9 (ex. FM 93.9, FM 98.7, FM 103.1).
  • AM frequencies range from 540 – 1700kHz, and individual stations can be accessed in 10kHz steps (ex. AM 670, AM 720, AM 1000).

FM mode sounds better on a car stereo because Frequency Modulation is more resistant to background noise pollution from other transmitters and atmospheric conditions like noisy power inputs, nearby power transformers, solar radiation, storms, etc.

On a CB radio, AM/FM operates a little differently. A CB radio’s frequency range is 26.965 – 27.405MHz and is broken up into 40 channels, with 10kHz steps. AM and FM signals can both occupy this same frequency band, traditionally used for AM and Single Side Band (SSB) modes.

Should my CB be on AM or FM mode?

The mode you should select for CB communication depends on your needs and the distance between users. The main advantage of AM for CB is longer range, and the main advantage of FM is sound quality at close range. Having a dual mode AM/FM CB radio allows the user to modulate between the two types of channels to find and use the best signal for communication based on their needs.

For example, if the sound is coming through muffled while communicating locally on an AM channel, switching to FM mode on the same frequency can strengthen the signal and greatly improve the volume and clarity of the sound. But if you’re trying to communicate with other CB users at greater distances, AM frequencies will likely be more reliable.

Will I need a new antenna?

No, your existing antennae systems will work for FM mode.

What frequency is used for CB FM mode?

FM mode operates withing the same 40-channel frequency band traditionally used for AM on CB radio: 26.965 – 27.405MHz.

Does FM require special hardware or a different radio design? Will an AM/FM CB radio work with my existing or older CB setups?

Yes, the way FM signals are received and processed is different from AM mode and requires specific FM compatible equipment. This equipment can be retrofitted to work with existing CB setups, so you will not need to purchase all new equipment to add FM mode to your CB.

Can I still talk to people on my current AM CB?

Yes, you will still be able to communicate using AM mode as normal. Because AM and FM modes will share frequencies, users will be able to share channels across modes and will likely be able to hear incoming signals from the mode not currently in use. AM-only users will be limited to AM channels, so if FM users are occupying a specific channel, AM users may not be able to join in the conversation.

What is SSB and how does it relate to AM and FM?

CB radio allows for the use of several different types of modulation methods or "modes." Single Side Band or SSB modulation is a type of amplitude modulation that uses less than half the bandwidth of a traditional AM signal. SBB is divided into Upper Side Band and Lower Side Band. SSB allows for communication over longer distances, including international.

While SSB uses less bandwidth, FM mode occupies the widest frequency band and offers much richer sound quality. SBB has a longer effective range than FM, but as an AM mode, it is still subject to background noise and interference.

Keep in mind that SSB radios require additional hardware and are a more expensive option for CB radio, typically costing $30 – $50 and up more than AM-only radio units.

SSB is also more complex to operate and is typically only recommended for advanced users; it includes a "clarifier" control that requires the user to manually tune in to an incoming signal each time.

Why would I want FM for my CB radio?

FM mode offers better audio quality for CB users and is easy to use. It offers clear, noise-free, and more intelligible two-way communications versus AM, which is why FM is popular with CB users in other countries and in other radio bands. FM mode also greatly reduces background noise and interference.

You may also want to use FM mode to communicate with other users, as traditional AM-only units will not be able join the conversation on FM frequencies.

Should I upgrade my CB now?

Now is a great time to upgrade your CB setup with AM/FM compatibility to connect with other FM users in the U.S. Having FM mode available can enhance the CB radio experience with superior sound quality. Plus, you can find new communities of CB users on FM channels!

If you’re ready to upgrade your CB experience, explore Cobra Pro AM/FM compatible CB radios today.

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