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Power Inverters

  • Power your business can trust, wherever you need it

  • Reliable, dependable solutions for cars, trucks, RVs and boats

  • Charge and power devices, appliances and tools on the road

  • Fast Charge USB ports, 2 year warranty and advanced options available

Business Uses: Truck Drivers, Construction Professionals, Manufacturing Businesses

Smart Dash Cams

  • Capture and protect video evidence for insurance claims.

  • Manage multiple vehicles and cameras with the Drive Smarter app.

  • Promote smarter driving with advanced safety and security features.

  • Built-in GPS, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and included SD cards.

  • Emergency Mayday alerts in the event of an accident.

Business Uses: Fleets, Ride Share, Delivery Drivers, Truck Drivers, Corporate Rental Operators, Construction Equipment Operators, Driving School Operators

Drive Smarter®

With the Drive Smarter® app and Cobra SC smart dash cams, get the peace of mind you need on the road. From real-time driver alerts to advanced safety and security features, you'll always have an extra set of eyes on the road watching out for you.

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Cloud Video Management

Easily view, edit, and share videos from your smartphone. Manage your footage from an intuitive timeline of recordings.

Safety & Security Features

Multiple safety and security features provide peace of mind, including live view, emergency video protection, and vehicle security

Join The Community

Join a community of 3.5 million driving enthusiasts sharing and receiving over 100 million real-time alerts each year.

Join the Community

Our Drive Smarter community of drivers and in-vehicle sensors provide over 100 million shared alerts a year, something no other solution can provide. Receive real-time and shared alerts for red light camera locations, speed zones, road conditions, and other relevant notifications to make you a smarter driver.

CB Radios

  • Essential solution for any truck fleet

  • Tailored to professional drivers

  • An efficient way to quickly communicate traffic conditions and road threats to fellow drivers.

Business Uses: Truck Drivers, Construction Professionals, Farmers, Manufacturing Businesses

Marine Radios

Through Advanced tech and innovation Cobra has been a leader in the field of Marine Communications for over 20 years.

Due to their robust, waterproof design and advanced features, businesses depend on Cobra Marine Products.

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