Tools to Improve Driver Retention

Being a professional truck driver isn't an easy job – life on the road for days or weeks at a time can be lonely, the work is stressful, and getting a good meal isn't always easy. The companies that recruit and retain top drivers are the ones that treat drivers well and give them the conveniences they need to stay comfortable and connected when they're on the road. From space-efficient power inverters to run all their appliances, TVs, and favorite personal or professional devices to professional CB radios to stay connected to fellow drivers while on the road, the right technology can boost truck driver retention by giving them the ability to cook good food, keep entertained, and stay socially connected while on the road.



Cobra is the leader in comfort, convenience, and connectivity solutions for professional truckers. We've been trusted advocates and friends of the American Trucker for over 60 years. The Cobra brand is known for innovation and reliability, as well as the features and performance that professional truckers need. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life on the road more challenging than ever before, with truck stop restaurants closed to in-person dining, strict limits on hotel occupancy and amenities, and other businesses shutting their doors during lockdown. How you treat your drivers now will not only help you to attract and retain top talent, those truckers will remember who they could rely on during difficult times.


Convenience and Comfort with Power Inverters


Whether they're driving a few hours for a local delivery or headed cross-country and away from home for weeks at a time, the right-sized power inverter is a must-have for most truckers. We live on our devices, with our cell phones to keep us in contact with the dispatcher and family back home, and a laptop or tablet for email correspondence and record keeping, as well as staying entertained with movies, music, games, or books. A power inverter helps keep these devices charged so they're not running low on power just when they're needed most.



For long-haul truckers, a professional-grade power inverter helps keep the essentials running. A microwave and small refrigerator might have seemed almost like a luxury a few years ago, but now they're a vital part of keeping drivers healthy and well-fed. When you aren't sure if the truck stop restaurant will be open or if that local diner has closed due to the pandemic, being able to store and cook your own food is more important than ever – and a cooler with some ice just isn't going to cut it.



We surveyed professional truckers and found that 63% of drivers sleep away from home – and 90% of those drivers sleep in the truck. Making sure that they have access to healthy options and their favorite foods is one part of keeping them comfortable, but don't forget about keeping them entertained. With so much time in the truck, power inverters can improve driver retention by giving them recreational options like a small television or a gaming system. And if the driver has health issues, a power inverter like the Pure Sine 400 is designed to run medical equipment, including CPAP machines, and other sensitive electronics without any operating issues.



At Cobra, we bring decades of experience in building power inverters made to work for professional truckers. Our smaller products are perfect for powering personal devices like cell phones and laptops, while larger power inverters can deliver 3000W in an inverter the size of many 1500W machines. We know space is at a premium, so we've designed products that are compact in size but large in benefits, with up to four GFCI outlets instead of the typical two, fast charge USB-A and USB-C ports, easy to read LED displays or indicators, and heavy-duty direct to battery cables. Plus, Cobra power inverters operated at 90% efficiency, have commercial grade 2-year warranties, and offer on the road reliability with the Pentagon Protection package for over temperature, reverse polarity, over voltage, low voltage alarm, and low voltage cutoff.


Stay Connected with CB Radios


A mainstay of professional truckers, a quality CB radio is more than a tool – it’s a link to community. Not only is it critical from an operations perspective, a reliable CB radio links a driver to the latest information about his route, a friendly voice on a lonely road, and a helping hand in a difficult situation. Providing a durable, reliable radio can help boost truck driver retention by providing this means of communication to keep them engaged socially, even when they're away from home. Isolation is something many people have struggled with during the pandemic, and it's been even tougher on truckers who might not have been able to take a break at the truck stop or eat dinner in a sit-down restaurant due to lockdowns.


With the addition of new technology, CB radios are better than ever before at keeping drivers alert and informed. Classic designs may never go out of style, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been enhanced to provide benefits like crystal-clear sound and instant access to emergency channels. Easy SWR antenna adjustment and calibration and antenna warning indicators help ensure that drivers have the performance they need to stay safe and connected. And with the groundbreaking technology in smart CB radios, truck drivers can be alerted to speed traps, red-light cameras, and speed cams legally, and even make and receive calls and send messages, hands-free on compatible truck CB radios with Bluetooth® integration.



For more than 60 years, Cobra has been making the CB radios that ride alongside American truckers, keeping them connected and informed. With unmatched performance, reliability, and durability, we're the #1 choice for professional drivers. From our classic designs to smart phone-enhanced radios with one-touch Bluetooth® capability and hands-free operation, our professional CB radios are the best way to communicate safely, easily, and legally while on the road.


Convenience, Comfort, Communication


The demand for skilled professional drivers is high and competition is tough. Stand out from other fleet operators and boost driver retention by providing your truck drivers with the tools to keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable. A power inverter not only keeps their devices charged so they can keep up with record keeping and correspondence, but it also helps them be self-sufficient when they need to be and entertained during down times. A CB radio is a must-have in every truck to ensure communication, but make sure that the radio your drivers have is durable, reliable, and designed for performance. And, if you can add in those enhancements that are in demand from truckers, including access to all 40 CB radio channels, instant access to emergency channels, antenna adjustment, and even Bluetooth® capability, you'll show your drivers that you are invested in making their job better.


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