Power When You Need It: Cobra Electronics Unveils All New Collection of Power Solutions

Complete with two new jump starters, a battery charger, and a portable power station, the products provide safe, reliable power for travelers, outdoor and marine adventurers, commuters, and more


CHICAGO, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cobra Electronics, the leading designer and marketer of award-winning automotive, mobile, and consumer electronics, today unveiled its new line of power solutions comprised of four new products ideal for back-up or on-demand use: the Jump Starter 800A and the Jump Starter 1000A to start dead vehicle and boat batteries without any outside assistance, the Battery Charger 2A to charge and maintain vehicle batteries during the off-season or when not in use for an extended time, and the Power Station 200W to provide portable power for multiple devices or appliances. Targeted towards everyday commuters, family travelers, outdoor and marine enthusiasts, and mobile professionals, the products offer safe, reliable power for the road, the outdoors, the water, or in the off-season – anytime or anywhere needed.




Engineered to provide powerful performance in a convenient, easy-to-use design, the power solutions complement Cobra's existing power inverter products that place a priority on safety with built-in safeguards to protect batteries and the vehicles they power. Other features found with the jump starters and power station include long-lasting Lithium battery life, convenient fast charge USB ports, built-in flashlight, and weather-resistant design, making these perfect for indoor, outdoor, or marine use.

"The release of our new power solutions furthers Cobra's mission to give any type of vehicle owner, whether it's a commuter, recreational, or professional driver, the assurance they need to hit the road and the outdoors safely," said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cedar Electronics, parent company of the Cobra brand. "We have consistently released products that not only excel in execution but stay true to our core pillars in power: safety, reliability, convenience, and performance. Whether you are driving around town taking care of errands, a family heading out on a road trip, or a truck driver gearing up for a job, our jump starters, battery charger, and power station provide drivers and outdoor enthusiasts the same promise: peace of mind on the road – or anywhere."


  • Jump Starter 800A: Powerful, compact, and easy-to-use, this jump starter can start all standard cars and small boats with an 800 Amp peak output current – all while maintaining its charge for over 365 days with an internal Lithium-Ion battery. With fast charge USB ports, its capabilities include not only serving as an emergency jump starting solution but also charging devices, including cell phones, entertainment devices, and more. It contains a 3-mode LED flashlight and built-in protections, including reverse polarity, short circuit, and overcharge to keep drivers and their batteries safe.
  • Jump Starter 1000A: With all the features of the Jump Starter 800A, this jump starter is there when maximum power is needed. Able to be used on all cars and many types of trucks and boats, its compact size and powerful performance make it a perfect option for both everyday commuters, outdoor adventurers, and professional drivers on the road. Boating enthusiasts will also appreciate its water resistant and splash proof-design. Over and above the Jump Starter 800A, the 1000A model also features an in-vehicle jump start option using the 12V accessory socket for a convenient and safe alternative to traditional jump starting, a larger internal Lithium-Ion battery vs. the 800A model, and an LED display screen to easily monitor the jump starter's battery and charging status.
  • Battery Charger 2A: A smart power solution to keep vehicle and boat batteries safely charged, the Battery Charger 2A intelligently selects between charging and maintenance modes to keep batteries ready to go all year round. Capable of both 6V and 12V charging, the battery charger supports multiple battery types, including Lead Acid, Wet Cell, Gel Cell, AGM and Lithium batteries. Its modular cable connections also allow for easy swapping between the included battery clamps and ring terminals – with built-in safety protections to keep both the driver and vehicle battery safe.
  • Power Station 200W: Designed to provide portable power for all types of adventures, the Power Station 200W comes equipped with an internal 211Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that can charge multiple devices for an extended period of time. Complete with two 110V AC outlets, a 12V DC socket, two fast charge USB-A ports, one fast charge USB-C port, and 2 LED flashlights, it provides up to 200 watts of on-demand power for your appliances, devices, and electronics anywhere you need it – with capabilities that include charging and powering phones, laptops, and small appliances on a single charge. Perfect for camping, tailgating, boating and beyond, it can also be re-charged in multiple different ways using either the included AC and 12V charging cables or with any compatible solar panel (sold separately).


The Jump Starter 800A ($79.95), Jump Starter 1000A ($119.95), and Battery Charger 2A ($49.95) are now available at Cobra.com. The Power Station 200W will be available later this summer.