Cobra Electronics Debuts Faster Incident Reporting and Savings Opportunity With Connected Dash Cameras

The Cobra SC Series Helps Independent Truck Owners and Operators Stay Protected Behind the Wheel with Technology to Streamline Claims and Savings on Insurance Deductibles


CHICAGO – April 8, 2021 Cobra Electronics, the leading designer and marketer of award-winning automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, today announced that the Cobra Smart Cam Series (“SC Series”) line of dash cameras will include built-in First Notice of Loss (FNOL) video incident reporting accepted by most major commercial insurance providers upon purchase. Historically a paid subscription through fleet programs or enterprises, FNOL technology streamlines the claims process for a faster, more accurate experience and is automatically available to all Cobra SC Series users free of charge.  


With this technology, the Cobra SC Series family of products qualify as eligible devices for the longstanding Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) benefit that provides a $500 reduction in members’ deductibles in the event of a collision if a dash camera with forward-facing video is installed.[1]


The Cobra SC Series features four advanced dash camera models that record the road ahead, behind, as well as inside the vehicle. In the event of a collision, the Cobra SC Series offers some of the first dash cameras on the market to provide automated video incident summaries that format all claim information automatically for sharing, to help claims be processed accurately and efficiently. This process can be safely completed from the road through the associated Cobra SC Series mobile app. For independent owner-operators who oversee multiple trucks, an available web portal can help manage information on up to 10 vehicles.


For added protection, all models offer seamless connectivity to enable Emergency Mayday alerts when a severe impact is detected.


“With safety top of mind, we’re pleased to offer independent owner-operators an advanced, yet easy-to-use solution that helps drivers stay informed and connected behind the wheel,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Cobra Electronics. “OOIDA’s program that entitles members to have a reduced deductible with presence of a FNOL dash camera recognizes the value dash cameras deliver to the safety and security of its members.

We at Cobra Electronics will continue to push the envelope to provide the very best innovations to independent owner-operators who are hitting the roads on a daily basis.”


The SC Series offers sharp 1080P or 1600P video resolution that the Cobra line is known for along with seamless connectivity enabled by dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Other safety and security features available include built-in GPS, Advanced Driver Assistance System for lane departure and forward collision warnings, hands-free Voice Control and Motion and Shock Sensing recording even when away from the vehicle.


These innovations include integration with the Drive Smarter platform and app. Drive Smarter provides cloud video management capabilities, including editing and sharing tools for drivers, both manually and automatically. Additionally, the platform provides users with the extended network of the Cobra community, connecting drivers to over 100 million driver, sensor and database alerts annually, like traffic and law enforcement cameras, speed limit data and road hazard and accident alerts.


Cobra SC Series dash cameras are available now with entry-level models starting at $129.95. They are available for purchase in Travel Centers of America and at Best Buy stores and online, as well as through


About Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics is a major brand of Cedar Electronics, a global supplier of connected automotive and consumer electronics solutions. Cobra provides award-winning products and solutions that include connected radar detectors, smart dash cams, CB and marine radios, power inverters, portable jump starters, and more. Cobra's connected driver community and sensor-based network unlocks over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle and shared alerts annually from speed traps to red light camera locations. Leveraging its 50-year history of producing high-quality, reliable, and dependable solutions, Cobra extends the Cedar Electronics mission to empower people to Drive Smarter and Safer. To learn more please visit


[1] The reduction in a physical damage deductible shall only be applied upon receipt of the video recording by Owner-Operator Services, Inc. and confirmation by them that the video is viewable and provides an assessment of the facts of the incident.