Cedar Electronics Bolsters Driver Awareness Tech Portfolio with New Innovations at CES 2020

 World-class connected dash cameras and affordable advanced radar detection, backed by industry-first cloud-based video management and driver alert platform, unlock peace of mind for every driving need and price point.


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LAS VEGAS – January 6, 2020 – Cedar Electronics, home of leading automotive and consumer electronics brands Cobra, ESCORT and Snooper today unveiled six new additions to its connected dash camera and advanced radar detection line-up: the Cobra Smart Cam Series (“Cobra SC Series”), the Cobra RAD480i and the Cobra RAD380, to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. The Cobra SC Series features four unique, connected dash camera models under the Cobra brand, all powered by the industry’s first cloud-enabled video management, alert and community platform designed to deliver intuitive video capture and sharing capabilities, seamless connectivity and unmatched accuracy in identifying road threats. The Cobra RAD480i marks Cobra’s most affordable connected detection offering, delivering 2X the detection range of comparable products available today, and the Cobra RAD380 offers a similar value.



“These new products join Cedar’s robust driver awareness technology portfolio and underscore our commitment to providing today’s drivers with connected automotive products to meet their needs, while also increasing driver confidence, and most importantly, safety behind the wheel,” says CEO of Cedar Electronics, Gail Babitt. “We’re thrilled to share these exciting new dash camera innovations, coupled with the Drive Smarter® platform that gives drivers unprecedented control over their experience on and off the road, alongside the advanced radar detection capabilities of the Cobra RAD480i and RAD380 at CES this year.”


Cobra SC Series Dash Cameras

The Cobra SC Series includes four advanced connected dash camera innovations to suit a variety of driving needs and budgets. Devices in the Cobra SC Series offer not only the sharp video capture that the Cobra line is known for, but quick, reliable connectivity capabilities to connected cars and mobile hotspots that enable automatic emergency SOS alerts and live remote monitoring of the vehicle, helping drivers keep themselves and their vehicles safe wherever, whenever.

Cobra sc400 dash cam



All of these innovations include integration with the Drive Smarter cloud-based driver alert and community platform. The Drive Smarter platform provides video management capabilities, including editing and sharing tools for drivers, both manually and automatically, with the help of the platform’s Emergency SOS and Accident Report features that submit relevant video footage to emergency responders and insurance providers, respectively. Additionally, the platform unleashes the power of the Cobra community, connecting drivers to over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle driver alerts annually, via the mobile and desktop app to allow them to stay up to date on the latest road threats. It also arms users with a handy communication tool to get in touch with those behind-the-wheel, in the event of an emergency, or just for fun!


Key Features of the Cobra SC Series:

  • High definition video capture with maximum resolutions ranging from Full HD to ultra-crisp QHD and 4K
  • 3 display types: app only display, 2”, 3” Color LCD and 3” OLED Touch Screen
  • GPS capabilities to automatically embed time, speed, mapping detail and route tracking
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi to maximize connectivity with connected cars, as well as 3rd party mobile hotspots to enable live remote monitoring and monitoring for driver- or road-triggered events
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Drive Smarter® community, real time driver alerts and threat database
  • Voice command capabilities for hands-free operation of key driver alert reporting and camera operation
  • Advanced Parking Mode with security alerts for remote monitoring and recording


The models available in the new Cobra SC Series include:


  • SC 100: Single-view 1080p dash camera, available for $129.95 USD.


  • SC 200: Single-view dash camera, available for $159.95 USD. Additional features include Quad HD resolution, Flex-View options and Voice Command.


  • SC 201: Dual-view 1080p dash camera, with an infrared technology (IR) interior cabin view camera, available for $199.95 USD.


  • SC 400: Single-view dash camera, available for $249.95 USD. Additional features include 4K resolution, 3” Color OLED Touch Screen Display, Flex-View options, Voice command (including Alexa integration) and Infotainment access.


Additionally, Cobra will offer two Flex-View camera options, compatible with the SC 200 and the SC 400 models: the CV1, that captures an interior cabin view of a vehicle in Full HD resolution (1080p) with the help of IR technology, and the RV1, that provides a wide-angle Full HD (1080p) rear-view that can be mounted to monitor the rear, sides or blind-spot areas. Both Flex-View cameras will be available for $79.95 USD each.


Cobra Advanced Radar Detection

A carefully constructed model, the Cobra RAD480i marks a breakthrough in affordable connected Radar-Laser-Camera detection products. The Cobra 480i combines an ultra-fast long-range detection, improved and updatable alert filter, voice alerts and clearly displayed alert information, along with advanced Bluetooth connectivity to access the Drive Smarter® community and real time driver alert and threat database, at the unprecedented value of $149.95 USD.


Cobra is also introducing the RAD380, a newly designed entry level detector with two times the range of detectors in its class, improved IVT filtering for reduction of false alerts generated by today’s ADAS systems and a sleek new design all for under $100.


Access to the Cobra iRadar® app provides advanced warning on all traffic and law enforcement cameras, live radar and laser reports, speed limit data, construction, road hazard, traffic and accident alerts to keep drivers in the know about potential road threats.


More information on the Cobra SC Series can be found at Cobra.com/newdash. For details on the Cobra RAD480i and Cobra RAD380, visit Cobra.com/newradar. All products will be available in Summer 2020.


CES 2020 attendees can see all of Cedar’s driver awareness solutions, including CES Innovation Awards 2020 Honoree, Cobra Road Scout Elite, at CES booth #3526 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information on these new products and Cedar Electronics visit www.cedarelectronics.com.