Be the Talk of the Tailgate this Football Season

September 30th, 2013 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Incorporate just a couple select Cobra products into your tailgate routine, and you have all the makings for an over-the-top tailgate. (Beware— these tips may attract an abundance of new friends to your corner of the parking lot.)

One Cobra Product, Numerous Possibilities

Once you have the typical items packed-up and ready to go, it’s time to turn up the tailgate intensity. With just one device, Cobra will unlock numerous new party possibilities. The Cobra Jumpstarter/Powerpack has multiple safety features that already secure its status as a worthwhile travel companion— an air compressor, LED light, the ability to instantly jump start vehicles, etc. But the Cobra Jumpstarter/Power pack also provides enough power to operate household appliances on the go— up to 400 watts! Meaning that with the help of a Cobra Jumpstarter, gadgets that need to be plugged into a power source can now join the party.

USB ChargerJumpstarter Power Pack
5V USB PortCobra Jumpstarter /
Power Pack
Grounded 110 V AC Outlet

With a Cobra Powerpack/Jumpstarter…

Expand cooking capabilities

There is one fundamental appliance that usually poses a challenge when it comes to portable party throwing—the crockpot. With the help of the Cobra Jumpstarter, you can bring all of your crockpot desires to life. Most fans love a good dip with football. Buffalo Chicken. Queso with Salsa—dips are a sports-watching staple. Think of those late-in-the-season games where snow piles serve as party décor and you crave cooking that both warms you up and satisfies your appetite. Just plug your crockpot into a Cobra Jumpstarter and slow-cook your way to kick off.

Combat unpredictable elements

We do not doubt your ability to withstand even the most extreme temperatures for the sake of your team— you are a die-hard. However, some of guests may not be as tolerant. If you are faced with the wrath of beginning-of-the-season sun, combat the heat with the help of a fan. Cobra Jumpstarters can supply enough power to run a fan and maintain steady air circulation for up to eight hours.

Be the life of the party

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, a tailgate needs background noise. Whether you want to play music to pump up fans for game time, or stream live pregame coverage; Cobra Jumpstarters and Cobra Power Inverters can power-up a variety of electronics guest entertainment purposes.

The Cobra CJIC 550 Jumpstarter can supply enough power to:

  • Run a 32 “LCD TV for 3 hours
  • Laptop computer for 5 hours
  • Portable Stereo for 15 hours

Cobra Power Inverters

If you are looking to run multiple devices simultaneously, or if you seek a smaller alternative power source, a Cobra Power Inverter is a good choice. Cobra Power Inverters are petite and travel-friendly power options that range from 130 watts of continuous power (CPI 130 Traveler) to 200 watts (CPI 200 CH). They supply enough power to easily charge electronics such as cell phones, cameras, mp3 players, laptops and even some flat panel TVs.

CPI 130
CPI 200 CHCPI 130