Travel Essentials When You’re On The Road

Drivers and their loved ones can always count on Cobra for reliable communication and safe power solutions.

Get Reliable CB Communication

CB radios can provide reliable communication whenever you need it. Cobra CB radios like the handheld HH RT 50 and ultra-compact 75 WX ST give you instant access to all 40 CB radio channels and 10 Weather channels for up-to-the-minute weather information 24/7.


Plus, features like Soundtracker Noise Reduction, 4 watt power output, and a compact, rugged design provide you the clear and reliable communication you need.

Safely Power Appliances Outdoors

When you’re camping, tailgating, or when a power outage occurs, power inverters allow you to safely charge and use your electrical devices by converting energy from your vehicle’s battery. The Cobra CPI 2590 is a professional-grade 2500 Watt power inverter perfect for these situations.


With 2500 watts continuous and 5000 watts peak household electrical power, you can power multiple appliances from your car, truck, or RV.

Jumpstart a Drained Car Battery

Ensure your ability to start a drained car battery anytime with a portable jumpstarter. The Cobra JumPack™ XL H2O CPP 15000 is UL 2743 Safety Standard compliant and features two ways to jumpstart cars with as large as a V8 or diesel engine – one using the traditional jumper cables and another using the vehicle’s 12-volt port.

An emergency flashlight with SOS and strobe function provides visibility and safety while dual 3 amp USB charging ports can charge devices like your cell phone.