When embarking on a marine adventure, you need a fixed-mount marine radio for communication and safety. These tools can help you send distress signals, communicate with land, call for help, tune in the latest in severe weather updates, and make announcements over a PA system.

When it comes to the ultimate in life-saving marine tools, a fixed-mount marine radio is essential. Select Cobra’s fixed-mount marine radios have built-in GPS. As long as your radio is connected to power, you will always know exactly where you are, letting you send distress signals with your exact location so the Coast Guard or other nearby ships can come to your aid quickly.

Cobra’s marine radios come with 1 or 25-watt output, which is ideal for both short and long range communications, no matter where you are. You can use Cobra’s very own digital voice recorder, the Rewind-Say-Again feature, to replay any missed VHF calls. It automatically records the previous 20 seconds of audio with a digital voice recorder so you won’t miss another transmission.

Cobra fixed-mount marine radios keep you safe with 24-hour access to emergency alerts and audio broadcasts from NOAA Weather Radio and Weather Alert. This keeps you informed of severe weather in your path, so you have time to plan accordingly, divert, or prepare for the impact.

With instant channel 16/9, channel scan, illuminated LCD, 4 softkeys for menu navigation, public address (PA) speaker output, and external speaker output, your fixed-mount marine radio is fully equipped to take on any situation. It’s easy to use, keeping you safe no matter what happens.