Introducing the 19 MINI CB Radio: Full Features, Ultra Compact

It's time to gear up and head out with the newest addition to our recreational CB line-up: The Cobra 19 MINI CB radio. This ultra compact CB radio offers all the features that you're looking for, including access to 40 channels, a full range microphone, RF gain, VOX (voice activated) hands-free transmission, and auto power settings, in a size that fits easily into nearly any vehicle. It's the perfect CB radio for your work truck, Jeep or RV, but it's just as useful in a car or SUV, a small shuttle bus, or even a golf cart. Cobra is a pioneer in CB radio technology, with more than 50 years of proven reliability. We're the #1 choice of professional drivers for a reason, and we've brought our decades of knowledge to making certain the 19 MINI CB radio delivers the performance that you need and expect.



New Features


The 19 MINI CB radio is Cobra's smallest CB radio so far, with an ultra compact design that fits in the palm of your hand. But while it may be small in size, the 19 MINI is packed full of features – including several found in no other Cobra recreational CB radio to date! Along with popular features that you'll find in our other models, the 19 MINI CB radio offers the following:


  • Auto Squelch - Filter out the static often heard with radios using the SQ/ASQ button. You can manually adjust your squelch settings or use auto squelch to allow the system to adjust itself.
  • Auto Power - Using the auto power setting, your 19 MINI CB radio powers up when the car is turned on. This feature can be disabled if you prefer to turn on the radio manually.
  • Time Out Timer - Set your system to automatically stop transmitting after a set number of minutes, preventing you from accidentally "jamming" a channel if the PTT (Push to Talk) switch is stuck or held on.
  • VOX - Standing for Voice Operated Transmitter, the VOX setting allows you to trigger the microphone with your voice alone, eliminating the need to press the PTT switch. This setting requires VOX LEVEL and VOX DELAY TIME to be adjusted to work most effectively.


Although it's the smallest CB radio in our recreational CB radio line-up today, the 19 MINI CB radio includes a wide range of additional useful features. The light blue LED screen is easy to read. You'll have access to all 40 CB channels and can easily switch between them with microphone channel control. Key beep and Roger beep noises can be turned on or off, and you can choose from six Roger beep tone settings to sound when the PTT switch is released. The full-range microphone delivers optimized audio, and the radio is external speaker compatible.



Where to Mount Your 19 MINI CB Radio


With its ultra compact size, you'll have a variety of locations available when mounting your 19 MINI CB radio. Before you begin, consider the layout of your vehicle cabin, and keep these points in mind:


  • A power source is required (it cannot run on batteries)
  • An antenna is needed
  • The MINI is not waterproof
  • The LED screen must be visible to the driver
  • The radio should be in easy arm's reach
  • The microphone must hang in a position that you can reach, but not in a location that will interfere with your ability to operate the vehicle


You can mount your ultra compact CB radio on the dashboard, above the rearview mirror, or in the center console if space is available – the small size should give you plenty of options. It's best to mount your CB radio in an area that's well ventilated, but away from heating vents or areas that are likely to get wet. You'll need to be able to see the LCD display and reach the buttons easily, but you don't want the microphone cord to be in the way of your gear shift or other important vehicle controls.





The 19 MINI CB radio must be properly installed in your vehicle to work correctly, and we recommend using a hardwired connection. Currently, we do not offer an AC option or a CLA (cigarette lighter adapter) connection for this or any of our recreational CB radios. Although you can use the MINI with an aftermarket CLA adapter, we do not recommend it for long-term use, because the lower voltage will affect the transmitter level, and the electrical system will generate "line noise" that could degrade the radio's performance.



Don't Forget the Antenna


You will need an antenna to pick up radio signals on your 19 MINI CB radio, and Cobra can help. We carry affordable antennas that work with this radio, including an 18.5-inch and a 42-inch magnet mount antenna. However, the new 4-foot fiberglass CB antenna is what we recommend. It offers more efficient performance at a great value. Visit our CB Radio Accessories page to find all three of these antennas, as well as bundle offerings.



Why Do You Need the 19 MINI CB Radio?


With its convenient ultra compact size, valuable new features, and affordable price, the 19 MINI CB radio should be a top choice for anyone considering installing a recreational CB radio in their RV, car, or other vehicle, including side-by-sides, work trucks or delivery vans. You can adjust your receiver sensitivity with the RF gain controls, and the new auto squelch feature automatically adjusts to filter out static. Enable auto power and you won't need to remember to turn your CB radio on when you get in the car. And there's no worry about unintentionally "jamming" a channel if your PTT switch gets stuck with the new Time Out Timer. Plus, it's easy to install and use in almost any vehicle.





Trusted, reliable communication is important no matter where you travel, but it's essential when you're camping, off-roading, or taking a trip anywhere that cell phone communication isn't guaranteed. Plus, a CB radio is a better option for ongoing communication, allowing a driver or passenger to quickly connect with a specific contact or group – if you need to share information with another vehicle that you're traveling or working with, for example, a quick CB call is faster and easier than fumbling with a cell phone. Having an accessible CB radio on hand may also save your life in an emergency; the 19 MINI CB radio has a simple "9/19" button that lets you toggle back and forth between Emergency Channel 9 and (standard) Channel 19 so you can request emergency or roadside assistance with the push of a button.


Take a look at our brand new 19 MINI CB radio and explore why it delivers big features in a miniature size.