Superior Sound is Here – Cobra Releases FM CB Radio

The experts in automotive electronics at Cobra have been hard at work developing our new AM/FM compatible CB radios since the FCC approved the use of FM mode in the U.S. in 2021. We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Cobra AM/FM CB radios!

Cobra Petitions the FCC for a Rule Change

Thanks to efforts by Cobra, FM CB radio was approved in the U.S. by the FCC – this is the biggest change to CB radio in decades, since the expansion from 27 to 40 channels in 1977. FM mode has been widely available to CB users in countries in Europe and other parts of the world for years, rising in popularity due to its much higher sound quality and clarity. The Federal Communications Commission was hesitant to change FCC Part 95, but our petition for a rule change was undisputed and supported enthusiastically by our customers and other companies in the automotive industry.

Read more about the history of CB radio and Cobra’s petition to allow FM mode in the U.S.

When will FM CB radios be available?

AM/FM CB radios are available for sale now! The all-new AM/FM compatible Cobra Pro CB radios released on Tuesday, February 14, 2022. Shop our selection of professional CB radios and CBs for recreational use to upgrade your experience today.

FM Mode Offers Superior Sound Quality

A common complaint from CB radio users is poor quality sound. Whether from background noise or environmental interference, it can be frustrating and difficult to communicate when the audio isn’t clear. With the ability to modulate between AM and FM channels, CB users can change modes depending on their situation. Traditional AM mode is best suited for long-distance communication, while FM mode offers crystal clear sound and diminishes noise pollution at close range – AM/FM compatible models like our Cobra Pro CBs give you the best of both worlds.

Everything you need to know about AM/FM CB Radios

If you’re wondering whether a dual-mode radio is the right solution for your CB setup, visit our FAQ page to learn about the advantages and differences of FM for CB radios.