Cobra CPI 190 Traveler

130 Watt power inverter


The CPI 190 is our smallest power inverter, providing up to 130 watts of continuous power and 260 watts of peak power. It is ideal for powering up laptops, small gaming systems, and charging mobile devices with the included USB port.

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Power up your next pregame, bring convenient appliances on your next road trip, or even turn your car into a mobile office.

130 Watts of Continuous Power

Get up to 130 watts in continuous power with a peak operating power of 260 watts.

Grounded AC Outlet

Convert your vehicle’s battery power into household AC power.

2.4 Amp USB Port

Charge your smartphone, tablet, and many other mobile devices from the convenient USB port.

Swivel Arm Design

Convenient design with a swivel arm for multiple positioning—keeping your devices within arms reach.

Compact Traveler® Design

The ultra compact design is made to fit in any vehicle no matter how limited the space.

Cooling Vents

To prevent overheating, the CPI 190 features built-in cooling vents.

130 Watt Power

Get 130 watts of continuous power and 260 watts peak power

Swivel Arm Design

Convenient multi-positioning for ergonomic use

Grounded AC Outlet

Power up your devices with AC outlet power

Ideal Travel Companion

Specifically designed for travelers and road enthusiasts

2.4 Amp USB Port

Charge your smartphone, tablet, and many other mobile devices from the convenient USB port.

Cooling Vents

Built-in cooling vents prevent overheating

Item # CPI190

Weight:  .28 lb (127 g)

Length:  5 in. (127 mm)

Width:  1.25 in. (31.75 mm)

Depth:  2.53 in. (64.2 mm)


130 Watts continuous power - 260 Watts peak power.

Grounded AC outlet - Convert vehicle battery power to AC household power.

2.4 A USB port - Charge mp3 players, smart phones, tablets and many other USB-powered devices.

Swivel arm - Convenient multiple positioning.

Traveler® compact design  - Fits conveniently in vehicle.

The fan does not run

This is normal.  The fan will only run when needed, if the inverter starts to get hot.

The output voltage is low

The voltage from your inverter is a little different than the voltage in your home.  The voltage in your home is called a “sine wave”, while the voltage from the inverter is a “modified sine wave”.  Because of this difference, you will need a  meter that measures “true RMS” voltage.  If your meter does not measure “true RMS”, then it will read low.

If it does not say “true RMS” on the front of your meter, then it is not a true RMS meter and it will read low.

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