Don’t underestimate the value of portable power. On your daily commute and while traveling long distances, JumPacks provide the peace of mind you need. Being stranded with a dead battery with no one to help you isn’t where anyone wants to be, especially if you’re running late or stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Cobra JumPack portable power gives you the ability to jump start your own battery without another driver’s assistance. You’ll also be another driver’s hero, if you’re willing to share your power with them. Don’t worry, you can jump several times on one charge, so go ahead, be the hero.

The JumPack XL is Cobra’s best jump starter with a starting current of 300 Amps and peak Amps of 500. It has enough power to jump start gasoline cars, diesel cars, cargo vans, and light duty trucks. It can offer this power more than once on a single charge, giving you what you need to keep moving.

All of Cobras JumPacks are compact and portable so you can throw them in the glove box for convenience. They also have a UL-listed 41.1Wh battery and a 3 Amp USB output so you can quickly charge any portable devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more.

Use the high-intensity, built-in flashlight with strobe and SOS functions in any emergency. Enjoy your choice of more than ten colors to match your car and take advantage of the versatility and convenience of power on the road. And don’t forget to pick up a marine JumPack for your boat, too.