Power Inverters 101

When you need power for a laptop, medical equipment, small appliances, or other devices while in your car, a power inverter is a safe, reliable solution. If you're not sure what a power inverter is, we've created this short educational video to help you learn the basics. We'll teach you how a power inverter works and – as importantly - how to choose the right Cobra power inverters to run the specific types of devices that you need to operate. Discover which features to look for, whether you need power in your car, RV, or professional truck.



Professional Grade Power Inverters


Hi, everybody. I'm Carey Romano from Cobra Electronics. And I'm here today to talk to you about power inverters. I'm going to show you what they are, how they work and most importantly, how to choose the right one for your power needs.


Power Inverter Basics

Before we get started, let's go over a few inverter basics. First of all, what is a power inverter? A power inverter converts DC power like that from your vehicle battery to AC power, like the power you use at home, so you can use your devices in the car while you're driving.


Power Inverter Options

Next, I'm going to walk you through Cobra’s new family of power inverters, what they're used for, their features, to help you choose the right inverter for your power needs. If you want to power a piece of special medical equipment, such as a CPAP machine with a humidifier, then you would use the PURE SINE 400 Watt inverter. If you have a laptop that you need to power while driving, or if you have additional power requirements during camping or tailgating, then the POWER 500 Watt inverter would be a better fit. Cobra offers a line of PRO inverters ranging from 1500 Watts to 3000 Watts most commonly used in RVs, large campers, and professional trucks to accommodate larger power needs such as microwaves, small refrigerators, and TVs.

So now that you know what a power inverter is and what it does, let's take a closer look at the features that Cobra has to offer and its new family of power inverters. The PURE SINE 400 Watt and the POWER 500 Watt are very similar in feature sets. Both include two AC outlets, two fast charging ports to include USB-C, and they're both compatible with our cool new Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB.


Power Inverter Features

Our PRO inverters also have similar feature sets to include four AC outlets, two fast charging ports to include USB-C, they are all compatible with our cool Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB, and it also includes an LED to visually display the status of your power inverter.

One of the features of the PURE SINE 400 Watt and the POWER 500 Watt is it comes with this convenient 12 volt accessory cable that you can plug directly into your vehicle so you can power your devices up to 120 watts while driving. 

Last, let me introduce you to another member of our power inverter family. This is the Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB. It allows you to turn your inverter on or off from anywhere inside the vehicle. It has four mounting options to include flush and wall mounts. It also has a belt clip so that you can clip it to the back of your seat or on the seatbelt. And what’s even cooler for you is you can fast charge your devices while you're driving from the convenience of your cupholder.


For more information on Cobra power inverters go to: https://www.cobra.com/power and stay tuned for more Cobra power inverter videos.