Cobra iRadar and Red-Light Cameras - A Winning Combination for Intersection Safety

September 30th, 2013 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Red-Light Camera Facts:

A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that in 2009 red light running killed 676 people and injured an estimated 113,000. Of which, two-thirds of victims were not the driver responsible for the violation.

To aid in public safety efforts aimed to increase driver and pedestrian intersection safety, many municipalities have began installing red light cameras at high traffic or dangerous intersections. As of September 2013, more than 521 communities have implemented red light camera programs with the mission of reducing the most dangerous type of vehicular accidents and deterring motorists from committing red light violations.

Red-Light Cameras & Cobra iRadar® Working Together

Red light cameras are typically installed to warn drivers to take extra precaution at particularly dangerous intersections. But for red light cameras to act as an effective deterrent, and effectively change driver behavior, drivers must have an awareness of the camera. This is the step in the safety process that Cobra iRadar detector strengthens. The Cobra iRadar notifies drivers of nearby red light cameras with an audible alert before approaching the intersection.

How the iRadar Works

Drivers can download the Cobra iRadar app on their Android or iPhone devices to work with their iRadar detector. The app and radar work together to provide both an audio (the unit) and visual (smartphone app) display of red-light camera locations. The Cobra AURA® Speed & Red Light Camera Database is Cobra’s industry-leading database of camera locations. A team of Cobra professionals verify and update the database with the coordinates of red light camera locations every 12 hours; providing drivers with the most recent and accurate locations. The app uses the smartphone’s GPS to recognize user location and notify them as they approach the threat.

The app also allows users to log additional alerts and create their own custom database that they can then share with the iRadar community. Since not all dangerous intersections are installed with a red light camera, Cobra took it a step farther by notifying drivers of high threat and caution areas without a red light camera, to increase driver awareness in those locations. The iRadar Community is crowd-sourced traffic information where iRadar users can share live police, caution areas, red light and speed cameras, etc. with other users in real-time.

Drivers need to purchase the iRadar radar detector unit to receive all radar and laser gun alerts; but all drivers with a smartphone can download the app for free access to the AURA® database of verified speed and red light camera locations and crowd-sourced alerts.

The visual display of the iRadar
app featuring red light camera locations
The iRadar radar detector