Cobra Electronics Radar Detector XRS 9770 PRO
Cobra XRS 9770 PRO - Front
Cobra XRS 9770 PRO - Top
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The XRS 9770 PRO provides total protection and peace of mind with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology.  It comes in industry-leading compact size and is packed with performance, including POP Mode radar gun detection.

Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to all radar/laser guns currently used in the United States and Canada, including POP Mode (Super-fast) Instant-on Radar guns. DigiView Text Display provides clear indication of the signal being detected as well as current mode of the detector. Other features include Voice/Tone Alert, Signal Strength Meter, LaserEye, IntelliMute/IntelliMute Pro, VG-2/Spectre Radar Detector-Detectors, Safety Alert, Auto/Manual Mute, Dim Modes, City/Highway Filtering Modes, and Ku-band detection.

What's in the Box: Cobra XRS 9770 PRO Radar Detector, Suction-Cup Moubt Windsheild Bracket Kit, Coiled Power Cord, Documentation

  • Ultra Compact Design & Improved Range - Ultra-high performance with a refined style.
  • Digiview™ Data Display - Detected bands easily identified in text display.
  • LaserEye® - Provides 360° detection of laser signals.
  • Digital Signal Strength Meter - Provides the user with relative proximity to the target.
  • POP Mode Detection - Detects the latest Radar Gun POP (Super-fast, Instant-on) mode.
  • VoiceAlert™ - Provides user with audio band identification.
0.33 LBS (150.00 g)
4.54" (116.00 mm)
2.96" (76.00 mm)
1.26" (37.00 mm)

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