Cobra RAD 250 Radar/Laser Detector

  • Cobra RAD 250 Radar/Laser Detector
  • Cobra RAD 250 Radar/Laser Detector
  • RAD 250 -
  • RAD 250 -


Radar/Laser Protection - Detects all radar signals (X, K and Ka bands signal strength indicated), laser and VG-2 signals

Instant-On Ready - Detects radar guns with “instant-on” (very fast) speed monitoring capabilities

Laser Eye - Detects laser signals from both front and rear

Anti-Falsing Circuitry - Automatically reduces false alerts from erroneous sources including blind spot systems and traffic flow monitoring devices so you hear just what you want to hear

Easy-to-Read Display - Bright display with intuitive band identification icons for easy viewing in any light

Audible Signal Strength Levels - Unique tones provide signal strength and band identification

Cobra RAD 250 Radar/Laser Detector



The Cobra RAD 250 keeps drivers aware of their surroundings while protecting them against all radar and laser guns used today.  Its Anti-Falsing Circuitry reduces false alerts from erroneous sources like collision avoidance systems so users hear just what they need to hear while the easy-to-read color display and easy-to-understand alerts provide an accurate and informed drive.

    Item # 0180000-1

    • RAD 250 Manual

      RAD 250 Spec Sheet

    • Are radar detectors illegal?

      Radar detectors are illegal only in Virginia, Washington DC, and most parts of Canada.  They are also illegal in all 50 states for commercial drivers, such as truck drivers and taxi drivers.

      If you are not a commercial driver, and you are not in Virginia or Washington DC or Canada, then it is perfectly legal to use a radar detector.

      What is the range of radar detectors?

      In flat, open conditions the range is at least 2 miles.  Please note that road conditions (hills and curves) can affect the range.

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    Product Features

    Radar/Laser Protection

    Detects X, K, and Ka Bands, Laser, and VG-2

    Instant-On Ready

    Detects Radar Guns with "Instant On" (Very Fast) Monitoring

    Laser Eye

    Detects Laser Signals from Both Front and Rear

    Anti-Falsing Circuitry

    Automatically Reduces False Alerts

    Easy-to-Read Display

    Bright Display with Intuitive Band ID Icons

    Audible Signal Strength Levels

    Unique Tones Provide Signal Strength and Band Identification