Cobra Electronics CB Radio 148GTL
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USD$ 189.95
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The 148 GTL Is a professional AM and Single Side Band radio that provides radio operators with communication with all AM and Single Side Band CB Radios.

The 148 GTL features 12 Watts (Peak Envelope Power) on Single Side Band. On SSB mode, the transmitted RF power is used more efficiently for increased range. Increased channel locations for interference free communications. 40 on Upper Side Band (USB) and 40 on Lower Side Band (LSB).On AM mode, you can communicate with all other CB radios in the area. Other features include: SWR Calibration for tuning the antenna to optimum condition. Tone control to fine tune of audio levels, Adjustable Dynamike' Boost to increase voice and clarity, RF Gain to adjust the receive audio gain in weak and strong signal areas, Noise Blanker for increased noise reduction, all in a proven design for over many years.

  • 40 channels AM, 40 Upper Side Band & 40 Lower Side Band - Maximum channels available for a wider range of communication.
  • 4 Watts AM & 12 Watts SSB - Maximum power allowed by law for extended range of communication.
  • SWR calibration - Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance.
  • 9 foot microphone cord - Keeps microphone within easy reach.
  • Tone control - Allows fine tuning of audio levels.
5 lbs. (2267.96g)
2.49" (6.32cm)
7.80" (19.81cm)
9.25" (23.49cm)

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