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USD$ 149.95

What if you could jump start your car, light-duty truck, cargo van and charge your mobile devices off the same battery pack that easily fits in your backpack or glove compartment?  The Cobra JumPack® XL is all of that and more. With a starting current of 300 and 500 peak Amps. The Cobra JumPack XL has enough power to jump start most gasoline and diesel cars, light-duty trucks and cargo vans multiple times on a single charge.

This compact, portable power pack also contains a UL-registered 41.1Wh (11,100mAh) battery with a 3 Amp USB output to rapidly charge any 5 Volt portable devices from smart phones to tablets to digital cameras, and many other devices, making it the ideal emergency battery pack for home, office, vehicle or the outdoors.

The Cobra JumPack XL features advanced internal protection circuitry with a visible tri-color (green, yellow, red) jump start status LED that illuminates; Green when the JumPack XL is ready to safely jump start the vehicle; Flashing Yellow indicates wait; and Red indicates a problem has been detected.

 A built-in high-intensity flashlight with SOS and Strobe functions for emergencies.  It also includes heavy duty jumper cables and two different charging methods; a 12V DC charger to re-charge your JumPack XL on the go in the vehicle, and a 120V AC wall charger to re-charge it at home.

So whether you need to jump start your car, light duty truck, cargo van, motorcycle, outboard engine boat, snow mobile or just need to recharge your mobile devices, the Cobra JumPack XL has you covered and can keep you going.

  • 300 Amp Starting Current, 500 Amp Peak Current - Jump starts most gasoline and diesel engine passenger, and light duty vehicles.
  • 3 Amp USB Port for Rapid Charging of Portable Devices - Quickly charge your cell phone, smartphone, tablets and other 5V mobile devices.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight - Super-bright work LED, SOS and Strobe light.
  • UL Registered 41.1Wh Lithium-Cobalt Battery - Holds a charge longer and is 90% smaller than traditional jump starters.
  • Jump starts your vehicles and charges your mobile devices - Multiple times on one charge.
1.08 lbs. (490g.)
1.28" (32.5mm)
6.50" (165mm)
3.07" (78mm)

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JumPack XL CPP12000 Tutorial

JumPack XL CPP12000 Tutorial

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Cobra JumPack XL Full Video

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