Cobra Electronics Walkie Talkies MR HH450 CAMO
MR HH450 CAMO - Front
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MR HH450 CAMO - Land Use
MR HH450 CAMO - Canoe
MR HH450 CAMO - Hunter
USD$ 179.95

This unique and exciting Realtree® Max 4 Pattern Design All-Terrain-Radio™ is designed for your year round and multipurpose use! This compact floating unit has the same great VHF radio ruggedness, quality and reliability Cobra is known for.  In addition, it has Cobra’s exclusive Rewind-Say-Again® feature & GMRS channel Dual-Band functionality.  Other features include a long lasting Lithium Ion Polymer battery, S.A.M.E. Weather Alert filtering and a rapid charger. 

This is a professional quality VHF radio but it is also a high power combination VHF/GMRS radio.  GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is the modern standard in consumer grade two-way communications.  It also includes all of the core features like; Noise canceling microphone, NOAA weather radio, Weather Alert, JIS7/IPX7 rated submersible and BURP.

  • All-Terrain-Radio™ - Use on boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, roadtrips, and  many other uses
  • Rewind-Say-Again® - Replay missed VHF calls
  • Floating - Never lose your radio. The floating design and orange core make retrieval easy if dropped overboard
  • Weather Alert with S.A.M.E – Weather and emergency alerts only if threat is nearby
  • 6 Watt VHF and High Power GMRS - Select between Low, Medium and High power for short and long range communication

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