Cobra JumPack Mini - CPP 8500

Pocket-sized power for your vehicle


The Cobra 8500 JumPack Mini can fit in your pocket and jump start most V8 gasoline and diesel vehicles multiple times on one charge. It includes USB charging options for your mobile devices to keep you powered up and on the road or the water.

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Driver Protection Bundle


Be prepared for your next road trip and avoid car trouble with the Cobra Driver Protection Bundle.

Includes a CPP 8500 JumPack and RAD 450 Radar/Laser Detector.

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Never Be Powerless with a JumPack

Car batteries die more often than you’d like. Bring them to life with a Cobra JumPack. Small, convenient, and powerful, these portable power packs can jump start just about any vehicle while also charging your phone multiple times on a single charge.

Fast Charging

Rapidly charge your QuickCharge® compatible devices 78% faster with inductive charging.

Pocket Sized

The JumPack mini is easy to carry and weighs in at under a pound for a pocket sized solution for travel, outdoor, and safety use.

Extended Battery Life

Your JumPack will holds its charge for 8 months in between uses.

UL-Listed Lithium Cobalt Battery

The JumPack Mini is UL 2743 Safety Standard compliant and holds a charge longer than most traditional jump starters.

LED Status

The tri-color LED lights indicate when the JumPack is ready to use and when it’s safe for you to start your vehicle.

Smart Jumper Cables

The JumPack jumper cables include protection circuitry to avoid sparks short circuits.

Rapid Charging

Charge your QuickCharge® compatible devices up to 78% faster

Lithium Cobalt Battery

UL-Listed lithium cobalt battery holds a charge longer than most jump starters

USB Charging Port

Charge your mobile devices quickly right from your JumPack

Lightweight and Compact

Perfect for travel, outdoor, safety, office, and other uses

Wireless Charging

Wirelessly charge your compatible devices

Safe To Use

Built to be UL 2743 Safety Standard compliant

What’s Included

With your JumPack Mini CPP 8500 you’ll receive smart jumper cables, a USB cable, and carrying case.

  • JumPack Mini CPP 8500
  • Smart jumper cables
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case

Item # CPP8500

Weight: .89lb (403.7g)
Height: 6.10 in (154.9mm)
Width: 2.80 in (71.12mm)
Depth: 1.15 in. (29.21mm)

180A Current

360A Peak

6000 mAh Capacity

5V/ 9V Input & Output

How often should I charge my JumPack?

To maintain a full charge on your JumPack, it is recommended to charge it every few months.

If you keep the JumPack in your home, leave the charger plugged in all the time. The internal charging circuit will maintain a full charge on the battery without any risk of overcharging.

Operating the button on the JumPack


Press and release the button.  If the battery is fully charged then all four LEDs will illuminate.


Press and hold the button.  After a few seconds the light should turn on.

After the light is on:

1. Pressing the button will cause the light to strobe.

2. Pressing the button a second time will cause the light to flash an S-O-S signal.

3. Pressing the button a third time will turn off the light.

The light does not work.

To turn on the light, press and hold the button on the JumPack. After a few seconds the light should illuminate. If the light does not turn on, then the battery might be dead. Try charging the JumPack.

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