Use your favorite Cobra gear to complete these 6 super simple last minute Halloween costumes

October 28th, 2015 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

We were inspired by the Huffington Post article “5 Easy Halloween Costumes Men Can Make Using A Pair Of Jeans.” It included a pair of Cobra Walkie Talkies as the must-have accessory for a ‘Club Bouncer’ costume. This got us wondering— what other last-minute costumes can we put together using Cobra gear? 

With a couple accessories, a few minutes for assembly, and your favorite Cobra gadget, you have everything you need to play dress up on October 31st.

Boat Captain Halloween Costume
This costume was originally featured on Costumepedia.

Boat Captain- Nautical Themed Clothing, Sailor Hat, Cobra VHF Radio

You have some options here— any nautically-themed ensemble will work. We recommend a blue and white striped t-shirt, blue blazer, and khaki pants topped off with a sailor hat. If you are really in a time crunch, make your own homemade sailor hat. Complete the look with a Cobra VHF Radio.

Secret Agent Halloween Costume
This costume was originally featured on

Secret Agent- Sunglasses, Black Suit, Cobra Walkie Talkies

For the gentlemen, any black suit will do. Ladies should dress in all black— bonus points for a stealthy black trench coat. Dark sunglasses are a must, and if you have one, take along a briefcase to store all your top-secret gadgets. Pair it with Cobra Walkie Talkies and you’re ready for an evening undercover.

Race Car Crew Chief Halloween Costume
This costume was originally featured on Real Simple.

Race Car Crew Chief- Track Suit, Checkered Duct Tape, Cobra Bluetooth® Headset

Transform into a race car crew chief by jazzing up a track suit with strategically placed checkered duct tape (available at many retailers including Walmart, Staples, Home Depot). Add it down the seams of the outer legs and across the jacket. After the clothing is picked out, accessorize with a baseball hat layered with a Cobra Bluetooth® Headset.

90s Pop Star Halloween Costume
This photo was orignially featured in Buzzfeed and credited to Brenda Chase / Getty Images. 

90s Pop Diva or Boy Band Member- Clothes Hiding in Your Closet, Cobra Bluetooth® Headset

You are sure to find something in your closet from, or at least that resembles, the boy band look of the 90s. This blog will give you the details on how to replicate it (think muscles shirt and flashy jeans). For the ladies, anything body-hugging and shimmery will work for a 90s pop diva. Pair the ensemble with a Cobra Bluetooth® Headset for a stage-worthy costume.

Football Coach Halloween Costume
This costume was originally featured on

Football Coach- Khakis, Favorite Team Sportswear and Cobra Bluetooth® Headset

This one is really simple. If you support a football team, you are likely to own sportswear with their logo. Throw on your favorite team logo shirt, pair with some khaki pants, and complete the look with a Cobra Bluetooth® Headset.

Auto Mechanic Costume
This costume was originally featured on the AAA blog.

Mechanic- Grab Jeans, a T-shirt or short sleeve button up shirt, Cobra JumPack

Any white t-shirt, jeans, jean shirt, and/or overall combos will work for the outfit. Grab a towel or bandana for the back pocket and rub a little dirt or (dirt makeup) on your face and shirt. Complete the look with the Cobra JumPack in your pocket!