Top 6 Spring Break Getaways

March 18th, 2015 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Spring is finally right around the corner, and there is no better way to escape the day-to-day than with a getaway.

Inspired by our favorite Cobra products (and with endorsements from fellow travelers on Tripadvisor) we have compiled our top six vacation ideas for this year’s spring break.

From outdoor adventures to relaxing beach vacations, our destinations satisfy a variety of budgets, schedules and vacation styles.



Hiking The USA

Destination: The Zion Narrows, Utah

The Narrows at Zion National Park in Utah is our USA hiking destination for it’s natural beauty, diverse terrain and varying route options that accommodate a variety of ability levels. Hikers can choose to begin at the top of the cliff and work their way down, or start at the bottom and work their way up. Many prefer to break up the trip into a two-day adventure, taking the opportunity to spend the night in their beautiful surroundings. The hike can be anywhere from 4-16 miles—all options will venture through the canyon’s river, so make sure to bring waterproof shoes, swimwear and hiking poles.

Cobra Product Inspiration: CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies

This pair of walkie-talkies has up to a 37-Mile range, a built-in LED flashlight if adventures go on past sundown, and can be used in the rain or on a body of water. The waterproof design will float in water and rubberized grips make it easy carry if the radios do get wet or dusty.  

Hiking South America

Destination: The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

International hikers should consider the stunning Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu. Hikers take in beautiful mountaintop views, visit historic ruins, and will be immersed in the local culture along the hike. All hikers are required to be accompanied by a guide, which according to travelers who weighed in on Tripadvisor, enrich the experience by explaining the history of the landmarks. Some tips from fellow travelers are to bring waterproof and warm clothes, and tip money. Local children will offer to carry your backpack, and if you’re tired from climbing, you might want to take them up on that!

Cobra Product Inspiration: CPP 300 SP Solar Power Pack

This hike can be anywhere from 4-6 days. Don’t miss any picture perfect moments because of a dead camera battery. The Solar Power Pack will keep devices charged up while on the go.

Road Trip

Cruisin’ the USA

Destination: The Blues Highway

The Blues Highway (mapped out with the help of Discover USA) is a culture-rich adventure that explores America’s most influential music cities.

The adventure starts in Nashville and ends in New Orleans, with many attractions along the way.


If you’re an Elvis fan, travelers call Graceland in Memphis a must-see, despite noting the hefty price tag.

Stop and take in some live entertainment at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. Trip goers marvel at it’s 1920s beauty, claiming it’s as grand as some of the theaters in London, and many agree that a show here can rival a Broadway show in NYC.


The last stop on the trip is New Orleans. Discover the history behind the famous cajun and creole style cuisine by taking a food tour of the city. Travelers also recommend a guided walking architecture tour through the French Quarter and Garden District to learn the history behind the city’s many architectural influences straight from the locals.

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Get from destination to destination with ease with the SPX 7800BT Radar Detector.

The SPX 7800BT Radar Detector integrates with the complementary iRadar app to give real-time traffic updates and road threats so nothing slows down the trip.

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The Cobra JumPack™ is a compact jump starter/power pack that also has the ability to charge up electronics on the go.

It's a must have emergency tool for travelers on the road and far from home.

International Road Trip

Destination: The Amalfi Coast in Italy

Start the trip in Salerno and drive along the coast until Sorrento. The drive itself will provide many breathtaking views of Italy’s shoreline, and the destinations along the way are equally as intriguing.


The Salerno shoreline is a less ‘touristy’ area than some of the other destinations but still worthy of exploration. Tripadvisor travelers agree that the people are friendly, you will enjoy excellent cuisine, a great view, and can explore the city’s ancient neighborhood.


Traveling down the coast, a must-see is the 12th century Duomo Di Sant’Andrea Apostolo in Amalfi. Travelers marvel at the cathedral’s mosaics and mention it’s a prime spot to stop, rest, and reflect.


Ravello is a little town a bit inland, but worth a stop. The Villa Cimbrone Gardens are a must see with beautiful terrace gardens, shoreline views and the sculptures set on the grounds.


Down the coast a bit is the next destination, Praiano. Get out from behind the wheel and immerse yourself in the scenery by hiking the Sul Sentiero degli Dei. Hikers will pass vineyards, farms, and ruins on their hike while taking in breathtaking coastal views.

Cobra Product Inspiration: The CDR 900 Drive HD Dash Cam

You won’t want to miss a moment of the breathtaking scenery along the coastal drive through the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and with the CDR 900 Drive HD Dash Cam you won’t have to. The dash cam will continuously record scenery hands-free from the dash. Drivers can even stream the footage live from the device via WiFi to share remotely with friends and family. Videos can also be saved, edited and uploaded, making it easy to create a video journal of the trip.




Destination: Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is for the vacationer who enjoys to relax on the beach by day, but also appreciates a lively nightlife scene. There is a wide-selection of beach activities — jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boarding and biking— one of the most popular being to mingle with fellow travelers at the popular hangout spots. Tripadvisor travelers rank the twenty-seven miles of beautiful white sand beaches among the best in the United States for 2015.

Cobra Product Inspiration: Cobra AirWave™ Box

The Cobra AirWave Box™ is a waterproof and floating Bluetooth® speaker that can stream music from a smartphone up to 30 feet away. It’s the perfect beach bag addition to match the high energy of Panama City Beach.

International Pick

Destination: Cayo De Agua- Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

Beautiful white sand, crystal clear water, and few occupants make Cayo De Agua a peaceful beach getaway, ideal for travelers seeking seclusion and relaxation on their spring break. This is a gorgeous beach in Venezuela, great for couples looking to unplug from day-to-day life. Travelers rave about the secludedness of the beach, and recommend checking out the turtle sanctuary.

Cobra Product Inspiration: MR HH350W Floating VHF Radio

Disconnect and enjoy the pristine beach without any distractions. Leave devices at the hotel and take along the VHF Radio in case of an emergency. It has access to international channels and is waterproof. It also acts as a NOAA weather radio to alert users of dangerous conditions.