Why Do I Need a Dash Cam?

June 30th, 2014 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

There is a lot to take on when driving— other drivers, road hazards and sometimes the downright unpredictable. Google “crazy dash cam videos” (at your own risk, of course #NSFW) and slew of videos will be returned of close calls and off-the-wall roadway footage.

Beyond the absurdities of the road that you can capture and share, the unique features of the Drive HD Dash Cams by Cobra are designed to keep your vehicle safe and secure— while in motion or parked, they may be the perfect eyewitness to record your ride.

Park your car on the street? The smart motion detection feature will be your eyes while you’re away. If you return to see your vehicle in less than perfect condition— either hit by another driver— or victim of a break-in, the smart motion detection may be activated (it can detect motion and begin recording) and assist you in making a statement or claim of what happened.

Dash Cam vs. Action Cam/Camcorders/Smartphone

In the age of smartphones and readily available video-recording— catching the crazy on camera is becoming a way of life. But snap-chatting this, Instagramming that— it’s not safe while in route. Not to mention, hands-free legislation make it illegal.

While you may be thinking you can just attach your tried-and-true Go Pro or other action cam to your dash, there are some fundamental differences between a dash cam and an action cam. Dash cams differ from action cams and camcorders in the way they record and store information.

Strap an action cam on before you jump out of an airplane and record the earth from a 12,000-foot free-fall. Or catch the curve of a wave on camera and record your ride into shore. Action cams and camcorders are meant to capture a planned moment or event in time— one that you are aware is going to happen and for which you prepare.

Dash Cams are designed to capture the spontaneous, unplanned, wish-I-could-do-a-double-take, event. Unique dash cam features accommodate this difference. Dash cams are designed to be in-car compatible and require little attention to function properly, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road. The following seven features make the Drive HD Dash Cams by Cobra the best way to record your ride.

7 Universal Drive HD Dash Cam Features

Make Dash Cams by Cobra the Only thing that should Record Your Ride

Continuous Loop Recording

Drivers can anticipate when something notable is going to happen. Continual recording is necessary for a dash cam to serve its purpose. Footage is recorded constantly when the car is in motion and is stored in three-minute segments.  When the memory card fills up, the camera automatically deletes the oldest segment to make room for the new. Eliminate the distracting process of reviewing and deleting footage manually while driving, and also eliminate the risk of missing valuable footage. If there something recorded and that you wish to save, that is easily done with the File Lock feature.

File Lock - Automatic or Manual

Protect a clip with one click of the File Lock button, and prevent valuable footage from being overwritten. Clips are automatically protected if an impact is detected with the G-Sensor feature.


If an accident were to happen, drivers have peace of mind knowing they may attend to the care and well-being of other passengers without worrying about protecting their eyewitness footage. The 3-axis accelerometer senses sudden accelerations and collisions and automatically protects footage surrounding the incident.

Ready to Use

There is no complicated setup of the unit; all Drive HD models include a 8GB MicroSD memory card so the unit is ready to use out-of-the-box. 

Simple Installation

Mount the unit on the windshield, enable power, and record your ride.  Drive HD cameras will automatically start recording without complex configuration.

Motion Sensor

While in Motion Sensor Mode, Drive HD cameras will only record video when motion is detected. This feature is helpful for vehicle security applications where SD card storage is critical.

Dynamic Range

All Drive HD dash cams are optimized to automatically maximize video clarity in daylight or nighttime conditions, so you can count on clear footage of the event no matter what time of day.

Drive HD Dash Cam Flagship Features

The Universal Drive HD features outlined above are signature features in all 5 models of the Drive HD Dash Cams by Cobra. An Internal GPS on our CDR 840 Dash Cam Feature, and the Wi-Fi Enabled feature of our CDR 900 Drive HD Dash Cam are advanced features of our flagship models. Check out more exciting features below:

CDR 840 Dash Cam with Internal GPS


Internal GPS

Exact location and time information is embedded in every recording so you know exactly where and when the footage was recorded.

Free PC Software

View video footage side-by-side with location and G-Sensor information in a comprehensive dashboard on your computer.


CDR 900 Drive HD Dash Cam with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Enabled

Communicates with a companion app for your iOS or Android device to view and share videos in real-time.

Cobra Drive HD App

The Drive HD by Cobra App integrates your smartphone to add more convenient features. Users can stream live videos from your CDR 900 to your iOS or Android devices, adjust all camera settings in the easy-to-use app interface, and take advantage of cloud mode to view the videos from anywhere.

Tales From the Dashboard Online Dash Cam Contest

Cobra will be hosting a contest from now until August with user submitted Dash Cam footage. Enter your ‘Caught on Dash Cam’ footage for a chance to win great prizes— the Grand Prize being a trip to NASCAR! Learn more about the contest at https://drive.cobra.com/.