How to Jump Start a Car in 5 Easy Steps

February 4th, 2015 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Using the Cobra JumPack™ 

If you want to jump start a car without wasting your own time or someone else’s, Cobra has the right remedy for your dead car battery. A few minutes and five easy-to-follow steps is all it takes to bring a car battery back to life with the Cobra JumPack™— no flagging down strangers, phoning friends or waiting for roadside assistance necessary!

The Cobra JumPack™ is one of the smallest, most compact car jump starters on the market today. Unlike traditional car jump starters that can be bulky and weigh in at 10+ pounds, the Cobra JumPack™ is actually portable. It weighs less than a pound and is comparable in size to the iPhone 6. It is also designed with the dual purpose of jumping a car battery AND acting as a portable charger for smartphones and tablets.

Tuck it away safely in a glove box or carry it in a purse or backpack. The compact Cobra JumPack™ will be there to rely on when you need it.

Jump Starting Your Car


  • Check that the Cobra JumPack™ has enough charge to start a car by pressing the power button. At least 3 LEDs should light to indicate enough power to jump start the car.
  • Keep the Cobra JumPack™ dry. Shield the Cobra JumPack™ from any precipitation while using the device in inclement weather.
  • Store the Cobra JumPack™ indoors during periods of extreme temperatures (over 113 degrees or under -14 degrees).
  • Ensure that the battery terminals are fee of corrosion and are dry.

**General safety tips when handling batteries:

  • Do not smoke or have an open flame around the battery or engine.
  • Remove metal rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces when handling a battery.

1. Connect jumper cables to your battery

Find the positive (+ RED) battery post and attach the red clamp. Attach the black clamp to the negative (- Black) battery post. The cables should not be connected to the Cobra JumPack™ during this process.

2. Plug the jumper cables into the Cobra JumPack™ port

3. Turn on the Cobra JumPack™

Push the power button on the Cobra JumPack to turn it on.

4. Turn the key in the ignition

Turn the ignition key to start the vehicle for 3 seconds only, while the Cobra JumPack™ is connected to the car battery. Do not crank the engine for longer, as this can cause the Cobra JumPack™ to overheat.

5. Disconnect the Cobra JumPack™

If the engine starts on the first try, quickly disconnect the cables from the battery and the JumPack. To disconnect the Cobra JumPack™ from the battery, first remove the cables from the Cobra JumPack™ port. Then remove the clamps from each battery post.

You’re done! Leave the engine running for a few minutes before turning off the ignition.

If the vehicle does not start on the first try, wait for 1 minute (so the Cobra JumPack™ does not overheat), and then repeat steps 1-4.

Will the Cobra JumPack™ work on the specific make and model of my car?

The Cobra JumPack™ will work for most passenger vehicles including cars, light pickup trucks and SUVs. The Cobra JumPack™ will also work on most hybrid cars. Hybrid cars run on two batteries. The driver must determine which of the two car batteries is the 12-volt battery used to start the engine, and may then follow steps 1-4 to jump the car.

The Cobra JumPack™ is not intended for use on commercial vehicles including trucks or buses. Also, it will not work on electric cars and some diesel vehicles. If you are unsure if the Cobra JumPack™ is compatible with your vehicle, consult the vehicle’s user manual for battery specifications.

There are some instances that a battery will just be too dead start. If in addition to engine not starting, the radio and dash lights will not come on, you may need more power than offered by a portable power pack. Find more tips for troubleshooting if the car still won’t start after using the Cobra JumPack™.

Who Should Get One?

The Cobra JumPack™ is for everyone! While there are tips out there to prevent dead batteries, you can’t prevent two of the biggest dead-car-battery culprits: human error and extreme weather. Whether you accidentally leave the keys in the ignition or the headlights on; or sub-freezing temperatures freeze up the battery; be prepared with the Cobra JumPack™.

Still have questions about using the Cobra JumPack™? Visit our product page and view FAQs, or submit a question.