Gear Up For Lollapalooza

July 22nd, 2015 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza is about a week away. It’s time to run through your checklist and cover all the essentials. Photo by EMR /CC BY
If you’ve ever been to the three-day Lollapalooza music festival, you know that there are a lot of great things available at the festival– obviously great music, green space to relax, local merchandise and even food in Chow Town. One thing that you can agree is lacking (and this really rings true for any major concert or sporting event) is cell phone service. At its best, service can be spotty— and nonexistent at worst. When roughly 100K people crowd together and use their phones and data simultaneously, it can easily overload the network, and kill your battery.
Roughly 100,000 tickets are sold per day for the 3-day musical festival.
Photo By SwimFinFan/CC BY

Be a Lollapalooza “Pro” (check out this surviving Lolla list from last year) and grab your own festival-approved Cobra gear. Cobra has great products that keep festival goers charged with a full battery for their communication and media devices. And if the past years are any indication— we have great options for backup communication when cell phone service gets dicey, too!

Attending the festival with a big group of friends? Keep in touch with portable hand-held walkie talkies when cell service gives out.
Photo By Liiane Callegari /CC BY

If you’re attending Lollapalooza with a group of people, it’s tough to keep track of everyone in the long bathroom lines, uncoordinated food breaks, or simply wanting to visit different sets during differing times throughout the day. At some point, you’re going to misplace your counterparts in a crowd, mosh pit, or endless bathroom line, and alas, you’ll want to pull out your phone to send a quick phone call or text with your approximate coordinates— and you’ll be lucky if it ever progresses past the ‘sending’ message screen. Lucky for you, walkie-talkies have secured a spot on the official Lollapalooza permitted items list, most likely because they’re a great solution for finding your fellow festival friends. Give up on the cell service fight—get instant communication ‘out and over’ with Cobra CXT 545 Walkie Talkies. 

Cobra CXT 545 Walkie Talkies are small and rugged, able to weather even dreaded rainy conditions. The walkies also switch over to battery saver mode if no transmission is recorded within 10 seconds to save on battery life. The radios are now available for $69.95. 

Walkies are a great form of real-time communication that can keep you in touch when 3G & 4G is dragging or giving out, or if your phone dies (more on that in a moment). Take advantage of these additional perks as well.

A built in LED Flashlight might come in handy when the headliner crowds emerge and the sun goes down.
Photo By Liliane Callegari/CC BY

Just a few benefits of Cobra’s CXT 545 Walkie Talkies: they are waterproof and will function even if the weather is less than perfect; power saving mode will help prolong battery life; and a built-in LED flashlight may come in handy when navigating through crowds or finding friends when the sun goes down. 

Don’t miss out on the headliner by draining the life out of your smartphone or camera mid-day. Stay charged up all the way until the sun sets with a portable Cobra CPP 300 SP 3-Output Portable Solar Power Pack, now $79.95.
Photo By Leonardo Samrani/ CC BY

We know you’ll be taking pictures and videos— and tagging! Last year Instagram tagged 440,310 #Lollapalooza hashtag pictures.

The average iPhone 5 can offer 8 hours of data use if searching the web. Most likely less if you’re performing data heavy activities like recording video. If you’re using a smartphone to take picture and videos and subsequently try to upload them on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, etc.— this can be a real battery drain.

Whether you’re snapping pics from a camera or using your smartphone as your media device of choice, keep it charged up and ready to go with the Cobra CPP 300 SP Solar Power Pack.

The Cobra CPP 300 SP Solar Power Battery Pack has 3 outputs that includes a 2.1A fast charging USB, a normal USB and a built in micro-USB cord. The pack weighs just a little over half a pound. Read the detailed review at the Wirecutter for more information.

Take advantage of your environment and utilize the CPP 300 Solar Power Pack for keeping up to 3 devices at a time— your phone, camera, your friend’s phone— charged. If the pack itself needs to be charged throughout the day, simply lay it out in the sun and it will get more juice. 

Lollapalooza- Resting-Between-Bands
Take some time to recharge both you and your phone at the designated green spaces at Lollapalooza.
Photo By Liliane Callegari/CC BY