Essentials for your Bug Out Bag

July 9th, 2014 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Build your Bug Out Bag with Survival Equipment from Cobra

There are plenty of websites, articles, infographics dedicated to the art of the bug out bag. They explain the benefits and how to build one. There is even a Bug Out Academy— and they are thorough! We encourage you to check them out, and get a full list of 75 survival items ranging from food and water necessities to heat, lighting and hygiene.

So where does Cobra fit into your emergency essentials? Cobra has several versatile communication devices designed for emergency preparedness. Whether it’s preparing for severe weather or preparing for the zombie apocalypse; these emergency communication tools will keep you connected when disaster strikes. Some of these incorporate several emergency checklist items into one device, making them the go-to when backpack space is of high-demand.

Check out the Cobra list of Bug Out Essentials:

1. Portable Power Preparedness Supplies

For Your Car Survival Kit:

For car emergency kit “must haves” check out the full list by our friends at Bug Out Academy. Luckily, the Cobra JumPack™ will cross off several items at once. This portable car jump starter comes with jumper cables to jump-start a dead car battery without depending on the occurrence (or courtesy) or a passerby. It has a built-in LED flashlight to illuminate evening emergencies with a strobe and S.O.S function for emergencies. The power pack will also charge cell phones and other electronic devices with the USB output. Best of all, it’s small size makes this jump starter the ultra portable car battery charger. It’s small enough to fit in your glove box, but powerful enough to jump-start a car.

Home Survival Supplies

The CPP 50 is a great addition to a home emergency kit. If the power is down, have a fully charged backup power pack on hand to charge valuable communication electronics; whether it is a cell-phone, a two-way radio, laptop or the weather radio on this list. The compact portable battery charger can charge up to three devices, multiple times, at the same time.

Bug Out Backpack Gear

If you are bugging out on the go, the Cobra Solar Power Battery Packs are a valuable addition to a bug out survival backpack. Small, compact, and completely rechargeable with nothing more than the power of the sun, these portable power packs will keep your emergency communication devices charged.

The Cobra CPP 100 power pack is a lightweight and highly efficient solar power battery pack that can change several devices, multiple times, without needing a charge of its own.

The Cobra CPP 300 SP 3-Output USB Solar Battery Pack will keep multiple devices powered with dual USB outputs. The compact foldup design takes up little space in your survival pack.

2. The Cobra CWR 200 Weather & Emergency Radio

Invest in a NOAA Weather Radio to add to your Home, Car or Outdoor Survival Gear

A NOAA weather radio is essential to prepare for any type of disaster. The Cobra CWR 200 is an All-Hazards-Alert weather radio with more than 60 weather and emergency alerts— including alerts for tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, natural disasters, civil emergencies and more. The Emergency & Weather Radio is also prepared for power outages. The radio can run on battery power if the electricity is out, and it also has a USB output to keep smartphones charged. An LED flashlight is also built in!

3. The Cobra CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies

Bug out Backpack Essentials

If your bug-out-bag is built to travel, make sure to include the versatile and survival-worthy Cobra CXT 1035R Floating Walkie Talkies. These two-way weather radios are practically indestructible. The radios are not only rated waterproof/submersible, but they can also float. These heavy-duty walkie-talkies are made to endure the harshest of conditions, and get you through them, too. If you lose cell-phone reception, the radios will keep you connected for up to 37-miles in select terrain. The Cobra Walkie-Talkies are also equipped with a built-in NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert Receiver. Any severe weather alerts and civil community alerts are broadcast on the NOAA weather channels. Conserve precious backpack space by packing a NOAA weather radio, flashlight and walkie talkies— all in one!

For ideas on how to build a complete bug out bag, check out our Bug Out Pinterest Board, or connect with us on social media using #CobraPrepared.