Cobra Electronics Launches Smallest, Most Powerful In-Class Radar Detector in Next-Generation Line of SPX Radar/Laser Detectors

October 21st, 2013 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), a leading designer and marketer of award-winning automotive, mobile and consumer electronics, today announced the general availability of its updated SPX Radar/Laser Detector Series. This newest series of powerful and ultra-compact detectors from Cobra features smallest-in-class models and utilizes ultra-low-noise signal amplifiers, once affordable only to military systems, across all series models to deliver more than double the detection range and performance.

The new SPX Radar/Laser Detector Series is anchored by its SPX 7800BT model, which goes the extra mile in providing safety and awareness behind the wheel by offering users live speed trap data from Cobra Electronics’ iRadar® Community – a first for the SPX Radar/Laser Detector Series. With the SPX 7800BT, users receive AURA® speed and red light camera notifications, verified user-reported alerts of upcoming live police locations and other real-time traffic threat information via a paired smartphone. The SPX 7800BT also shatters previous radar detector limitations with its smallest-in-class body for easy storage and discreet use on the road and powerful radar detection technology.

The new SPX Radar/Laser Detector Series consists of three supercharged models – the SPX 6700, SPX 7700 and SPX 7800BT. All new models come equipped with super-charged LaserEye™ 360-degree laser detection, IntelliShield™ quad-level false signal rejection, pin-point radar frequency, auto mute/IntelliMute™/IntelliMute Pro™, five-level graphical signal strength meter, voice alert, car battery voltage display, low car battery warning and super-bright white OLED graphics display (SPX 6700). These high-performance features provide the entire new SPX Series of Radar Detectors with best-in-class detection range. Additionally, both the SPX 7700 and SPX 7800BT feature super-bright color OLED graphics display and even user-selectable color themes.

“Our goal at Cobra is to provide driving enthusiasts with frequent rollouts of innovation and advancement in our lineup of affordable products for consistently improved safety and situational awareness while behind the wheel,” said Sally Washlow, president of Cobra Electronics. “The company is pleased to announce the powerful enhancements to our SPX radar/Laser Detector Series. We’re also enthusiastic to expand access to our iRadar community for convenient, real-time location alerting from more than one million iRadar members.”

Pricing and Availability:

The SPX 6700 is available at Best Buy for a retail price of $199.95. The SPX 7700 is available at for a retail price of $229.95, and the SPX 7800BT is available exclusively through Shop HQ throughout the end of the year for a retail price of $259.95. All models are also available at

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