Cobra Electronics Announces 2012 Wireless Solutions Line

May 8th, 2012 | Cobra Electronics | New Orleans, LA

Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), a leading designer and marketer of award-winning mobile and consumer electronics, today announced its complete family of wireless products and accessories for 2012. The entire line will be on display throughout the festivities taking place at the International CTIA WIRELESS 2012 conference, which runs May 8-10 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

“Wireless products have become an incredibly important and fast growing segment of our business, and our entire family represents some of the industry’s most innovative, practical and affordable solutions for truly enhancing today’s mobile lifestyle,” said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics.  “We are proud to work with many of the nation’s top retailers and distributors to put our award-winning mobile electronics in the hands and pockets of our loyal customers, who can count on our continued commitment to reliability, innovation and exceptional customer support.”

Cobra Electronics’ 2012 wireless solutions family includes:

Cobra iRadar™ 200

A multi-award-winning detection system that consists of a sleek dash-mounted smart detector unit paired via Bluetooth®to an intuitive smartphone app. Together they detect police radar/laser signals and notify users in real-time of upcoming caution areas, excessive vehicle speed, live police and photo enforcement areas, and then automatically share caution information with other iRadar users nearby (universal support for Android™ and iOS). MSRP: $129.95.

Cobra Tag™ Universal

A personal loss prevention system for protecting smartphones, car keys, purses, laptop bags, and other personal valuables. This small, sleek key fob device and smartphone app warns Cobra customers when they are about to leave their valuables behind (universal support for Android, Blackberry® and iOS). MSRP: $59.95.

Cobra JoyRide™

New for 2012, Cobra JoyRide is a smart charging accessory that automatically reconfigures your smartphone settings when you enter or exit your vehicle. The free companion Android app simplifies how your phone operates in the car such that pushing a single button can initiate phone calls, launch voice commands, learn about road hazards and even launch navigation apps (for Android). MSRP: $39.95.

Two-Way Radios

Cobra’s 2012 lineup of two-way radios includes the CTW 135P and the CTW 235P DC. These highly affordable radios include advanced NOAA Weather Radio and All Hazards Alert – features previously only available on expensive high-end radio models and include pre-charged batteries for immediate on-the-go use. MSRP: $49.95 - $59.95.

Cobra PhoneLynx™

Cobra PhoneLynx is an innovative Bluetooth-enabled device that pairs mobile phones to a home phone system.  Users simply plug their home phone directly into Cobra PhoneLynx, which leverages existing cell phone plans to make and receive calls from the ergonomic comfort and convenience of their home phone system. MSRP: $59.95.

Cobra Power Inverters

Cobra’s extensive power inverter line for 2012 includes the CWA P135 and CWA P155 Microport® inverters for must-have, in-car power flexibility. These compact and powerful solutions provide up to 150 Watts of continuous 120 Volt household power and 5 Volt USB output – ideal for using/charging most laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, and many more USB devices. MSRP: $39.95.

Bluetooth Headsets and Universal Mounts

Cobra’s product lineup for 2012 also includes a family of wireless solutions to make mobile phone use safer, more convenient and more enjoyable, including a family of ultra lightweight Bluetooth headsets starting at $29.95 and universal mounts for cell phones and other mobile devices with MSRP starting at $24.95.

About Cobra Electronics:

Cobra Electronics is a leading global designer and marketer of communication and navigation products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and Citizens Band radio industries, Cobra identified new growth opportunities and has aggressively expanded into the marine market and has expanded its European operations. The Consumer Electronics Association, Forbes and Deloitte & Touche have all recognized Cobra for the company's innovation and industry leadership. To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at  Follow Cobra on Twitter at and Like Us at

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