It's survival of the fittest in this apocalyptic world and it's largely dependent on one thing: Preparation. Before you Bug-Out for the Zombie Apocalypse, get the right products to power-up your survival.

Cobra JumPack XL H2O CPP 15000

Jump Start Safely From Inside Your Vehicle


We've all been there before. While trying to reach shelter you turn the keys to start your car but hear 'ca-chug-clunk!' It won't start and now you've alerted all the zombies in the area, which are now lumbering in your direction. Don't let a dead battery stop you. Start your car while safe inside using the 12v port with the Cobra CPP 15000 portable Jump Starter.

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Cobra HH RT 50 - ROAD TRIP

Stay Connected


Stay connected with fellow survivors with the HH RT 50. Switch from mobile to in-vehicle operation with the included magnetic mount antenna and get 40 channels of full CB-radio. Connect instantly to share valuable information and avoid road-blocks or danger that may lie ahead.

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Cobra CPI 2590

Power Where You Need It


Power your electronic devices when you're forced to live off the grid. The CPI 2590 is a professional grade 2500 watt power inverter providing up to 5000 watts of peak power with a digital display for voltage and consumption. Don't eat cold food or live without A/C in the harsh environment of the zombie apocalypse. Bring along and power all your home appliances with the Cobra CPI 2590.

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Contact Survivors Whether On The Water Or Land


Stay connected with your group whether on dry land or in a boat. The MRHH450 is an All-Terrain Radio™ for year round, multi-purpose use. You might be safe from zombies while on the water but you'll still need help from survivors for food and shelter from storm. This compact floating unit features Rewind-Say-Again®, GMRS channel dual-band functionality, and Cobra’s core VHF radio features like noise canceling microphone and NOAA weather.

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Cobra 75 WX ST

Remote Mount Design Full Featured CB Radio


Whether your crew of survivors is traveling together in one vehicle or coordinating with a whole convoy, the 75 WX ST is is your go-to communication device. Get all 40 CB channels, weather channels, instant access to channels 9 and 19, dual channel monitoring and programmable memory.

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Cobra 29 LX

Full Featured CB Radio with 4-Color LCD Display


Clear and strong communication is key if you want to reach the last few survivors out there. The 29 LX is based on the 29 LTD Classic platform with added diagnostics and monitoring features, such as radio check and antenna SWR status diagnostics. Be sure your loud and clear with Dynamike® adding a boost to your microphone's outgoing audio level.

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