• SPX6655 IVT
  • SPX6655 IVT
  • SPX6655 IVT
  • SPX6655 IVT



Experience Peace of Mind
An extremely powerful processor scans every radar spectrum in the blink of an eye. Enhanced range and sensitivity provides early warning to threats in the area so you can sit back and enjoy your drive. 

Reduce Uncertainty and Frustration
False alerts are annoying. IntelliShield® gives you 4 levels of false signal rejection dramatically reducing false alerts so you can be sure the alert you get is real. 

Relax and Drive with Confidence
360° laser detection gives you early warning to the threat of laser guns so you an worry less and be confident you are protected. 

Awareness Equals Safety 
Distractions behind the wheel can be dangerous. The compact design is discreet, easy to conceal and will not obstruct your view. An easy to read OLED display keeps you fully informed at a glance and VoiceAlert™ will tell you about possible threats so you can keep your eyes on the road. 

Dual Use USB Charging/ Power Cord 
12V power cord with USB output allows the user to charge a smartphone and power the detector at the same time. 


  • In-Vehicle Technology (IVT Filter)
    Detects All Radar/ Laser Guns (X, K, Superwide Ka, Laser
    Instant-On Protection
    Military Grade Components
    Auto Mute/ IntelliMute/ IntelliMute Pro
    Battery Voltage Display/ Low Battery Warning
    5 Level Signal Strength Meter
    Frequency Display Mode 
    High-gain Radar/ Laser Lens
    IntelliShield False Signal Rejection
    City/ Highway Mode
    VG2™ Immunity/ VG2 Alert
    Spectre™ Immunity/ Spectre Alert
    Safety Alert®
    Dim/ Dark Modes