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Weight4.50 lbs. (2041.16g)
Height2.49" (6.32cm)
Width7.60" (19.30cm)
Depth8.60" (21.84cm)


Selectable, 4-Color LCD Display - Easy-to-read display in green, blue, amber, and red.

NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert - Be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA radio receiver.

Weather Scan and Alert Scan - Automatically scans for the strongest weather channel and alert tone.

Frequency Display - Displays operating CB and weather frequencies.

Radio Check Feature - Radio diagnostics for RF power, vehicle voltage and antenna SWR status.

29 LX



The 29 LX is a professional 4-color (Blue, Amber, Green and Red) LCD Dot-matrix Display CB Radio with Professional features based on the 29 LTD Classic platform with added features.

The 29 LX features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD Dot Matrix display in red, green, blue or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and dark conditions. Based on the 29 LTD Classic platform with added features: A 4-color display where the user can program any one of four colors, radio check diagnostic to allow the operator to monitor the vehicles antenna system, the voltage system and the radio's RF output power.

Item # 29 LX

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  • What is CB?

    Citizens Band radio (CB) is a 2-way voice communication system for personal use for the general public.  It lets you talk from your truck, car, home, business, or boat to other people who have a CB radio. Technically, a CB radio is a transceiver. It functions both as a radio transmitter (when sending messages) and a receiver (when receiving messages). Citizens Band radio was created by the FCC in 1958. There are as total of 40 channels on the CB band.  Channel 19 is unofficially regarded as a general-purpose channel to make contacts and listen to conversations and reports of traffic and road conditions.  Channel 9 is reserved for emergency communications.

    Do I need a license to operate a CB?

    No license is required.  The FCC used to issue licenses for CBs, but they discontinued that requirement many years ago.

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Product Features

Selectable, 4-Color LCD Display

Easy-to-read Display in Green, Blue, Amber, and Red

NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert

Built-In NOAA Radio Receiver with Alerts for Storms and Emergencies

Weather Scan and Alert Scan

Automatically Scans for the Strongest Weather Channel and Alert Tone

Frequency Display

Displays Operating CB and Weather Frequencies

Radio Check Feature

Radio Diagnostics for RF Power, Vehicle Voltage and Antenna SWR Status

Clock and Alarm

Set an Alarm for any Time