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CB Radios

CB Radios

CB Radios

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29 LX BT

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29 LTD

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19 DX IV


CB radios offer you a convenient communication tool on the road. With many different varieties on the market, you can select the features that suit your particular needs, making your communication experience more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Many Cobra CB radios integrate the latest Bluetooth technology and smartphone features, making life easy for you and improving your overall experience. When your mobile phone is connected to your CB via Bluetooth, you can have better phone conversations.

Noise canceling microphones in CB radios make your calls easier to hear because they block engine sounds, static, and other background noise that interferes with your communication. You can route incoming audio through your radio’s speakers, making the caller ID and messages loud and clear.

With these convenient features, you can stay safe and focused on the road all while making phone calls with one-touch operation. You can also take advantage of the patented iRadar app on many of Cobra’s CBs. This integration gives you speed traps, live police reports, road hazards, and red-light camera intersections.

Using the Rewind-Say-Again feature, you can replay the last ten seconds of received signals or record a ten-second memo to playback at any time. The LED displays on Cobra CB radios are easy to read and use. They also provide weather scans and alerts, emergency alerts, and radio check features.

Make your driving experience more comfortable and convenient with a CB radio from Cobra. With so many options to choose from, you can select the features you need at a price you can afford.