Gifting the Impossible: Great Gifts for Men, Women, and Everyone on Your List

December 18th, 2013 | Cobra Electronics | Chicago, IL

We all have a dreaded person (or people) on our holiday shopping list.

Maybe you’re lost on the trends of the younger crowd, or drawing a blank with how to impress the in-laws. No worries! Cobra has electronic gifts that everyone on your shopping list will find useful.

Which Product is the best fit? We broke it down based on lifestyle, region and daily activities.

The Commuter

If someone on your shopping list endures a long, exhausting drive to work, your gifting options are plenty. With Cobra, make their car ride more:

The Cobra AirWave 360™ offers surround sound audio streaming (like music apps, navigation, etc.) from your phone or another Bluetooth®-enabled device through the car speakers. This portable 8” tall speaker is designed to play music and be a hands-free speakerphone in your car, home or office. A good supplement to the Cobra AirWave 360™ is a Cobra Power Inverter.

Our Power Inverters can convert your cigarette lighter to a phone charger, keeping a phone or mp3 charged during continuous media use.

AirWave 360Microport 130

Cobra AirWave 360 - $129.95

Bluetooth® Speaker with Siri/ S Voice

Microport 130 - $139.95

130-Watt Power Inverter

Lessen driving distractions and promote driver awareness with our line of iRadar Detectors and The Cobra Joyride™ smart charger for Android™. The Cobra JoyRide™ minimizes phone-related distractions and stress with a fully customizable driving mode with automatic message reply, voice commands and a one-touch smart button. Our line of iRadars display dangerous intersections and threat alerts directly on your smartphone with the accompanying iRadar app. 

iRadar ATOMCobra JoyRide

Cobra iRadar ATOM - $199.95

Ultra Compact Smart Detection System
for iPhone and Android Devices

Cobra JoyRide™ - $29.95

Smart Charger for Smart Phones

Prepare drivers for emergency situations with the Jumpstarter/Powerpack. The Cobra Jumpstarter/Powerpack can jumpstart most passenger vehicles and has DC, AC and USB outlets to guarantee several options for power. Drivers will not be stranded with a dead phone battery, and no way to call for help. 


CJIC 250 - $89.95

Jump Starter/Powerpack
500 Peak Amps 

The Out-of-Towner

Show appreciation and consideration for the guest who endured significant travel to attend the holiday gathering. Radar detectors with live traffic and threat information, including our SPX 7800BT model and line of Cobra iRadar Detectors, will help guide them home with road-threat awareness. Both have access to Cobra's proprietary national database for AURA Speed/Red-light Camera, Known Speed Traps, and Dangerous Intersections. The iRadar S-Series is installed under the hood of the car with access to threat information through the smartphone app. If you aren’t sure if they have a smartphone, or prefer an all-in-one unit, our SPX 7800BT Radar Detector does not require the smartphone app to access the location-based alerts; they display on the unit’s OLED screen. 

SPX 7800BTiRadar S-Series

SPX 7800BT - $299.95

Ultra-High Performance
Radar/Laser/Camera Detector 

Cobra iRadar S-Series - $229.95

Under-the-Hood Mounted Smart
Detection System for iPhone 

The Professional

If someone on your shopping list does extensive traveling for work, or often works remotely, keep him or her powered up with a Cobra power inverter. Our Microport 150 is the smallest on the market (which makes it easy to transport) and can convert your vehicle's 12 Volt cigarette light plug, or your seat on an airplane, to a household AC outlet and USB Port.

Microport 150

Microport 150 - $39.95

150-Watt Power Inverter

Southerner/South Westerner/West Coaster

Cobra Jumpstarter/Powerpacks are perfect for those living in regions prone to extreme weather conditions. In case of an emergency loss of power, electronics and household devices can plug into the powerpack to charge. The Powerpack also has LED light so they won’t be left in the dark. If power lines are down, having a backup of two-way radios is helpful to receive important weather information. Both also make great gifts for Snowbirds who seasonally migrate to warmer climates.  


CJIC 550 - 139.95

Jump Starter/Powerpack
900 Peak Amps 

The Northerner/Northeasterner/ Midwesterner

Inhabiters of these regions are no stranger to terrible weather and dangerous road conditions— the fear of getting stuck in a snowdrift is real! Jumpstarter/ Powerpacks and two-way radios make for a good emergency car kit for winter driving. The C312A-1 NOAA radio receiver provides coverage of all government operated weather channels and features NOAA Weather Alert, which automatically alerts you with both a visual and audible alert if threatening weather is nearby.


CX312A-1 - $24.95

Emergency Weather Alert Radio & Walkie Talkie

The College Student

Many college students tolerate long-distance commuting back-and-forth between school and home several times a year. Typically, they are not cruising in the most reliable car. A Cobra Jumpstarter/Powerpack can jumpstart most passenger vehicles. Plus, their Jumpstarter/Powerpack will be a big hit at the college tailgate. If they are juggling class, work and internships a Cobra iRadar 200 may also a good investment. It has live traffic navigation to find the most efficient travel route in addition to protecting against expensive tickets. 

CJIC550iRad 200

CJIC 550 - 139.95

Jump Starter/Powerpack
900 Peak Amps 

Cobra iRadar 200 - $99.95

Smart Detection for Android
and iPhone Devices


The Cobra Airwave is a great option for those who prefer at-home entertainment. Play your Bluetooth® -enabled media device wirelessly through your home stereo (also works for car stereo or music docks) and you can stream music from your iPhone or other Bluetooth® enabled device through your older-generation speaker systems.

Cobra AirWave

Cobra AirWave™ - $49.95 

Bluetooth® Wireless Music Receiver

The Whole Family

All families can benefit from a pair of Two-Way Radios for their next outdoor adventure. Cobra has several models are on sale for an affordable performance-grade option. Our most affordable CX 112 16-Mile Walkie-Talkie is on sale for $24.95, or for $10 more get up to a 23-mile range with our CX312 model. 

CX312CX 112

CX 312 - $34.95

Walkie Talkie 23 Mile Radio

CX 112 - $24.95

Walkie Talkie 16 Mile Radio

And lastly, Additional Benefits of Gifting a Cobra Electronic:

  1. You don’t have to worry about what size will fit, because one size fits all (And avoid unintentionally being offensive when you guess they wear a size large, when they are “clearly” a small)
  2. Shop from your computer, tablet, on your mobile phone. Our website is designed and formatted for any size device; which means convenient browsing whenever, wherever.
  3. Many of our gifts will keep your loved ones safe, which makes for a thoughtful and caring gift!

Now all you have to do is get shopping. Shop in-store at a Cobra authorized retailer near you!