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Distracter Driver

Reduce Distracted Driving with Cobra

Chicago, IL — October 20th, 2013

The City of Chicago began implementing red-light cameras in 2003 to increase safety on Chicago streets. After 10 years of measuring program outcomes, results have indicated the program is effectively changing motorist behavior. The City of Chicago also acknowledged an increase in rear end collisions at red-light camera locations, and the city still catches drivers running red lights. To lessen such occurrences, distracted driving needs to be addressed.
Red Light Camera Detector

Cobra iRadar and Red-Light Cameras - A Winning Combination for Intersection Safety

Chicago, IL — September 30th, 2013

Red light cameras are typically installed to warn drivers to take extra precaution at particularly dangerous intersections. But for red light cameras to act as an effective deterrent, and effectively change driver behavior, drivers must have an awareness of the camera. This is the step in the safety process that Cobra iRadar detector strengthens.
Tailgating with Cobra Electronics

Be the Talk of the Tailgate this Football Season

Chicago, IL — September 30th, 2013

Incorporate just a couple select Cobra products into your tailgate routine, and you have all the makings for an over-the-top tailgate. (Beware— these tips may attract an abundance of new friends to your corner of the parking lot.)

Cobra 29 LX CAMO CB Radio with RealTree Max 4 Camo

Cobra Electronics Announces 29 LX Citizen Band Radio in RealTree® Xtra Pattern at 2013 Great American Trucking Show

Chicago, IL — August 20th, 2013

Company reveals new design pattern for its prevailing 29 LX CB Radio line
Cobra Drive HD Dash Cams, CDR810, CDR 830,

Cobra Electronics to Reveal Latest Advancements in Professional Driving Products with Line of Drive HD Dash Cams

Chicago, IL — August 20th, 2013

Company announces it will display its first-ever line of Dash Cams for continuous recording of the road for vehicle security and safety

Cobra Electronics Displays Latest Innovations in Professional Driving Products at the Annual Great American Trucking Show

Chicago, IL — August 20th, 2013

Company unveils new line of high-definition Drive HD Dash Cams along with updates to its recognized line of CB radios
Cobra iRadar S-Series, S120R, Under-the-hood radar detector

Cobra Electronics Launches its Award-Winning Cobra iRadar S-Series for Under-the-Hood Installation

Chicago, IL — August 13th, 2013

Newest addition to iRadar family for iOS devices delivers discreet radar/laser detection combined with advanced features and design excellence
iRadar iPhone

Cobra Electronics Announces Newest Cobra iRadar App Update

Chicago, IL — August 7th, 2013

Company’s recent update to award-winning iRadar app for iOS offers community-reported alerts without requiring the purchase of a Cobra iRadar detector
Cobra iRadar ATOM, Red-Light Camera Week, Stop on Red

Cobra Electronics Recognizes National Stop On Red Week With Innovations in Radar Detection and Location-Based Alert Technology

Chicago, IL — August 5th, 2013

Company’s newest Cobra iRadar ATOM protects drivers with real-time alerts and safety features for 360 degree protection

Cobra Electronics Prepares Consumers for Hurricane and Tornado Season

Chicago, IL — July 23rd, 2013

Company providing consumers with safety tips and communication supplies for proper weather emergency planning